Equine Welfare & Legislation


Miami-Dade County Seeks Custody of Allegedly Abused Horse

January 20, 2017

A man was charged with animal cruelty in connection to riding the underweight horse from South Carolina to Florida.... Read More


The Veterinarian's Role in Equine Abuse Investigations

January 19, 2017

How a vet examines and treats allegedly abused horses can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful case.... Read More


SAFE Act Reintroduced in Congress

January 18, 2017

The bill is the latest attempt to outlaw the purchase and transport of U.S. horses for slaughter.... Read More


Tennessee Ponders Grant Award to Walking Horse Group

December 29, 2016

The grant could help fund a study aimed at developing objective ways to detect soring in Tennessee Walking Horses. ... Read More


Sending Signals

December 28, 2016

From biomechanical to psychological influences, what effects do we have on our horses while riding?... Read More


Faith and Equine Welfare Share Long Connection

December 25, 2016

The connection between animal welfare and faith communities has deep roots. Learn how it can benefit equids in need.... Read More


Charities Join to Promote Working Equid Welfare Standards

December 13, 2016

The standards entitle working donkeys, horses, and mules to basic needs such as food, water, and shelter.... Read More


Whips Banned in Australian Harness Racing

December 12, 2016

In a groundbreaking move, racing authorities have declared a nation-wide ban on the use of whips in harness racing.... Read More


Study: Some Horses can Learn by Watching Humans

December 02, 2016

Researchers confirmed that horses learn socially across species, in this case from familiar humans.... Read More


Texas Horse Herd Seized

November 17, 2016

More than 50 allegedly maltreated horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized from a Hill County farm.... Read More


Horses at Work: Lifestyles of Working and Service Horses

November 14, 2016

Horses that plow, heal, or protect have distinctly different lifestyles than the average riding horse.... Read More


Do Horses Feel Empathy?

November 10, 2016

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Here's what we know about horses and empathy.... Read More


What's in a Horse's Yawn?

November 03, 2016

Researchers found that yawning appears to be closely associated with social interactions and, possibly, social stress.... Read More


Court Rules Borells Have No Claim to Seized Horses

October 22, 2016

The ruling noted that Charles Borell relinquished his ownership of the horses in connection with his Alford plea deal.... Read More


ND Authorities Offer Reward in Horse, Cattle Killing Cases

October 21, 2016

The North Dakota Stockmen's Association offers a $10,000-plus reward after a mare was shot and skinned.... Read More


The Science Behind 'Licking and Chewing' in Horses

October 05, 2016

What does "licking and chewing" really mean? ... Read More


All Wound Up: Is Your Horse 'Stressed Out'?

October 02, 2016

Physiological stress can be an important equine welfare issue. Here's what you should know.... Read More


Can We Predict How Well a Horse Will Pay Attention?

September 15, 2016

Researchers developed a reliable test to help people determine each horse's unique attention ability.... Read More


Charges Against Online Horse Rescuer Dropped

September 12, 2016

The charges against Crystal Davis and her son Joseph McMillen were dropped after an investigator stepped down.... Read More


(Un)certain Change: Climate Shifts and Horse Keeping

September 10, 2016

Learn how rising temperatures and extreme weather events are affecting horse keeping.... Read More


Study: Poor Equine Welfare, 'Pessimism' Linked

September 02, 2016

Factors such as constant individual stabling and restricted feeding can make horses less optimistic, researchers found.... Read More


Cornell Vet College to Host Donkey Health, Welfare Event

September 01, 2016

The event offers two tracks: one geared to veterinary professionals and the other to nonmedical donkey enthusiasts.... Read More


Penn Vet Adds Animal Welfare Courses to Curriculum

September 01, 2016

Sue McDonnell, MS, PhD, will teach the equine welfare class.... Read More


Researcher Shares Tips for Improving Ridden Horses' Welfare

September 01, 2016

Pay attention to signs of poor welfare and adapt your riding and training techniques to improve your horse's well-being.... Read More


Noseband Tightness in Competition Evaluated

August 25, 2016

Many nosebands were so tight that even the tip of the measuring gauge could not fit under at the frontal nasal plane.... Read More