Equine Herpesvirus (EHV)


Outbreak Alert Helps in Fighting Equine Disease

December 09, 2011

Since June 2011, the program has provided notification of more than 500 equine disease reports to subscribers.... Read More


New PCR Assay Reduces EHV-1 Testing Costs

November 17, 2011

The University of Kentucky has implemented a new real-time PCR assay for diagnosing EHV-1.... Read More


Appaloosa World Show: EHV-1 Test Negative

October 26, 2011

Samples taken from a horse exhibiting neurologic signs at the World Championship show were negative for EHV-1.... Read More


California EHV-1 Quarantines Released

October 05, 2011

The quarantines on two California farms after resident horses tested positive for EHV-1 have been lifted.... Read More


EHV-1 Quarantine Lifted at University of Tennessee

September 30, 2011

The EHV-1 quarantine at the UTVMC was lifted today (Sept. 30).... Read More


Tennessee EHV-1: No New Cases Reported

September 27, 2011

No new horses have been confirmed EHV-1 positive since Sept. 21 in connection with the Tennessee cases.... Read More


EHV-1: California and Tennessee Case Counts Holding Steady

September 23, 2011

No new EHV-1 cases have been confirmed in California or Tennessee, statements from the CDFA and the UTVMC say.... Read More


Additional Tennessee Horses Confirmed Positive for EHV-1

September 22, 2011

Five additional horses at the index case's home premises have tested positive for EHV-1 and are being treated.... Read More


UT EHV-1: No New Cases; Informational Forum Scheduled

September 20, 2011

No new EHV-1 cases have been confirmed at UT. The informational forum will take place Sept. 21 at 7:00 p.m.... Read More


UT Veterinary Medical Center Quarantined for EHV-1

September 19, 2011

An EHV-1 positive horse was admitted last week. No new cases have emerged at the medical center to date.... Read More


Nine California Horses Confirmed EHV-1 Positive

September 16, 2011

Seven horses from one farm and two residing on another premises have tested positive for neurologic EHV-1.... Read More


Eight California Horses Showing Signs of EHV-1

September 14, 2011

Eight additional horses in Tuolumne County are displaying clinical signs consistent of EHV-1.... Read More


California Horse Confirmed EHV-1 Positive

September 13, 2011

A new case of neurologic EHV-1 was confirmed in California on September 12.... Read More


Post-Outbreak Horse Hauling Concerns

September 01, 2011

My horse will be hauled to a state affected by the recent equine EHV-1 outbreak. Should I be concerned?... Read More


Additional EHV-1 Cases Confirmed in California

August 31, 2011

Two additional California horses tested positive for neurologic equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) on Aug. 24.... Read More


Neurologic EHV-1 Confirmed in California Horse

August 24, 2011

A 15-year-old Oldenburg mare from Sonoma County tested positive for neurologic EHV-1 on Aug. 23.... Read More


Neurologic EHV-1: An Overview

August 05, 2011

The neurologic form of EHV-1 is highly contagious in horses and multiplies within its host very rapidly.... Read More


Neurologist Joins the Faculty at New Bolton Center

July 28, 2011

Neurologist Amy Johnson, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, was recently appointed to the faculty of New Bolton Center.... Read More


Respiratory Disease Surveillance Study: Two-Year Results

July 26, 2011

The most common equine respiratory disease signs were nasal discharge, fever, depression, and coughing.... Read More


UKVDL Researcher Evaluates Causative Agents of Abortion

July 24, 2011

Erdal Erol, DVM, MS, PHD, gave a lecture titled "Current microbiological methods for equine abortion diagnoses... Read More


International Equine Disease Report, First Quarter 2011

July 07, 2011

The International Collating Center, Newmarket, United Kingdom, and other sources reported the following ... Read More


EHV-1 Outbreak: Utah State Veterinarian Ends Quarantines

July 05, 2011

Utah State Veterinarian Bruce King, DVM, has officially released from restriction all previously quarantined ... Read More


WCVM Large Animal Clinic Reopens to All Patients

July 03, 2011

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) Large Animal Clinic has reopened its doors to all patients ... Read More


EHV-1 Outbreak: Wyoming Lifts Travel Restrictions

July 02, 2011

Wyoming animal health officials have relaxed the stringent travel requirements implemented in that state in ... Read More


EHV-1 Outbreak: USDA Releases Final Situation Report

June 24, 2011

The USDA released its final situation report on the equine herpesvirus-1 outbreak that affected the western ... Read More