Collecting Colostrum

December 01, 2000

Q: How can I collect colostrum from a mare and save it for future use, and how long can I keep it?

A: Colostrum or "first milk" is the thick, yellow secretion from the mammary gland... Read More


Foal IgG (Antibody)

February 01, 1999

The foal is born with a functional immune system (if all is normal), but has a general absence of immunoglobulins to aid in the defense against infection. The foal acquires his initial immunoglobulin protection from the mare's first milk, which... Read More


Feeding The Orphan Foal

January 01, 1999

Every breeder dreads finding himself or herself with an orphan foal--a baby left alone when his dam dies of foaling complications or from a later, unrelated injury or illness; or a foal rejected by his mother or for some reason, unable to nurse.... Read More


Newborn Knowledge

January 01, 1998

Final preparations will need to be made so that the newborn foal gets the best chance at life.... Read More


The Orphan Foal

December 01, 1997

The birth of a long-awaited foal is an occasion to celebrate. All of the planning, breeding dates, pregnancy c... Read More


Biologic Solutions

March 01, 1996

(Author's note: Sera, Inc., who markets oral and IV equine IgG products approved by the USDA, sponsored a roundtable discussion on Biological Solutions for Biological Problems in Lexington, Ky. Participating in the roundtable were: Michelle... Read More