Ascarids: A Growing Problem

Ascarids, or roundworms, wreak their havoc largely on young horses with naïve immune systems, and that can set your youngster up for depression, stunted growth, and potentially fatal colic. They are most common in youngsters up to about 15 months old.

Ascarids are parasites that infect a variety of vertebrates, including dogs, cats, horses, cattle, swine, birds, skunks, raccoons and even humans. Due to their large size, ascarids were some of the first internal parasites to be recognized by man. The sole route of transmission is via ingestion of infective eggs, usually while grazing. Ivermectin is highly effective against ascarids, as it will “clean out” an infected host.

This free report provides the horse owner and caretaker with an overview of the life cycle and treatment of ascarids.