Richard D. Mitchell, DVM

Richard D. Mitchell, DVM, has served many times as official veterinarian for the US Equestrian Team in multiple disciplines, and he has a keen interest in lameness and advanced imaging. He also maintains an international clientele that keeps him traveling a great deal.

Articles by Richard Mitchell

Lyme Disease and Shipping Stress

We have a horse on antibiotics for Lyme disease. After his 30-day regimen, he will be shipped from New England to California. Will the stress from the trip cause a flare-up in this disease? Is it a risk to ship him? Are there ways to prevent Read More

Turnout Time for Warmblood Foals

I am being told by "professionals" that warmblood foals should be turned out a limited amount of time. The "professionals" were a farrier (who shoes Olympic-quality horses) and a respected veterinarian. Their reasoning is that warmblood babies grow Read More

Pre-Purchase Exams

Q: Over the years, I've had a number of pre-purchase exams done on my horses. I've come to realize that one vet will read an X ray and say a horse has arthritis, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), navicular problems, etc., but whe Read More

Deworming Drugs

I wanted to ask if any vets or horse owners have heard of problems with the Quest wormer. I have heard from two different people in two different horse areas that this wormer has caused some problems for horses such as stomach aches or mild Read More

How To Find A Vet On The Road

We are in the midst of planning our summer vacation. We also are planning to take our horses on this trip so that we can do some trail riding. However, we do have a concern. What if one of our horses becomes ill or injures himself Read More