Kimberly Peterson, DVM

Kimberly Peterson, DVM, is an AAEP member and assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Technology at Morehead State University in Morehead, Ky. Her husband, Eric, is an equine practitioner, and their family lives in Lexington.

Articles by Kimberly Peterson

Cold Weather Nutrition

Cold and inclement weather conditions present special challenges for the horse. Whether a horse is turned out or exercised regularly, you need to focus on his nutritional requirements. Horses are naturally well-adapted to thrive in frigid weather Read More

Lab Cytology Tests

Cytology, the study of cells, involves the collection and examination of cells and fluid from organs, tissues, and body cavities. Cells naturally shed from the surfaces of mucous membranes, organs, and skin lesions, and they can be collected for Read More


The horse's immune system is a window to its world. The biochemical analysis of blood components can give the veterinarian valuable information about disease exposure and immune responses. When a horse is exposed to an antigen (a disease-causing Read More

Cure For a Toothache

Abby is a Tennessee Walking Horse mare who was recently purchased by a Virginia family as a 5-year-old and shipped there from Tennessee to train and show. A dental examination six months after purchase found that her right and left lower first Read More

West Nile Recovery x 3

One day, Marla Gilvin heard whinnying uncharacteristic from her 5-year-old Kentucky Mountain mare Cocoa Rain. “I went out to see what she was doing and called her to the barn,” Gilvin recalls. “She didn’t move. Her 4-month-old foal was running Read More

Founder: Returning From the Brink

Founder. It's one of those images that puts fear into our hearts. Donna's initial onset occurred three years ago in December. Aaron Tangeman, DVM, examined her and took radiographs of both front feet. Read More

Making the Best of It

Not all dreams work out the way we hope or plan, but Moon Doggie went from a dream of glory to a fulfilling companion. He is now a 3-year-old appendix Quarter Horse that is a friend to a once lonely performance horse. Moon can run and play with Read More

Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis

South Beach Baby, a.k.a. Hope, was a 16-month-old Thoroughbred filly who gave the gift of knowledge to many in the horse industry. Her painful battle with degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD) came early in life and progressed rapidly Read More

Wound Healing Documented

In October 2002, I was called out to a ranch to examine wounds on a mare that had been run through a barbed wire fence by stray dogs sometime the day before. The rancher was concerned that she might not recover past being pasture sound. He was Read More

Hoof Abscess Goes South

My 12-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Sterling Story, suffered four months with what my vet and I thought was a hoof abscess. He was retired from the track as a 6-year-old, and I have ridden him in dressage and as a trail horse since. He is that Read More