Sushil Dulai Wenholz

Sushil Dulai Wenholz is a free-lance writer based in Lakewood, Colo. Her work appears in a number of leading equine publications, and she has earned awards from the American Horse Publications and the Western Fairs Association.

Articles by Sushil Dulai Wenholz

Tying Horses 101

If your horse doesn't have tying mastered, you can help him learn with a few smart schooling strategies. Read More

How to Clip and Bathe Safely

Clipping and bathing can be safe, efficient, and positive experiences for you and your horse. Read More

Older Horses Part 3: Vaccinations and Deworming

Experts share opinions and research on guidelines for deworming and vaccinating aging equines. Read More

Understanding the Prepurchase Exam

The search is over: You've finally found the horse of your dreams. But before you sign the sales contract and load him onto the first trailer headed home, protect yourself with a prepurchase exam. Granted, there's no magic crystal ball there to Read More

Chill Out on Hoof Care Concerns

Whether winter means a well-deserved break for your horse or the start of the "snowbird circuit," your horse's hooves might need some special "seasonal" attention. Exactly what adjustments you'll want to make depends on the type of winter weather Read More

Sand: More Concerns Than Colic

Perhaps the thought of sand conjures up images of tropical beaches, azure waters, and pure relaxation. But tie that word to colic and you have anything but an idyllic scene. Sand colic, like other variations on the colic theme, can cause anythin Read More

Safe Paths, Safe Plants

Some elements of an equestrian facility shouldn't be taken for granted--solid fencing, sturdy shelter, and good arena footing among them. Then there are areas that sometimes get less attention than they deserve. Pathways around the farm often Read More

Retrofit Your Rig

Of the many things you ask your horse to do, few are as totally unnatural and potentially hazardous to his health as asking him to climb into a metal box and trundle down the road for hours on end. To make the trailering experience as low-stress Read More

Make a Lasting Imprint

It's been 14 years since the concept of foal imprinting hit the equestrian world's collective consciousness. Since then, the notion has been marketed, written about, practiced, modified, and even studied in scientific research. In short, it's Read More

Blanketing Q&A

Crisp fall air signals a perennial dilemma for many horse owners: To blanket or not to blanket? Read More

High-Octane Diets

It probably comes as no surprise that a horse taking on the rigors of a 100-mile endurance race or a three-day event might need a different diet from one that ambles the trails around home or carries a child through the occasional weekend show. The Read More

Prosthetics: Science, Not Science Fiction

There is a roadside pasture in Pullman, Wash., where a black Quarter Horse stallion has been known to stop traffic. It's not simply the pastoral beauty of a handsome horse in a natural setting that draws attention. Rather, it's that this Read More

Where There's a Will...

While not many of us enjoy contemplating our own death, it's an important consideration for any horse owner. Read More

Probiotics: Worth the Price?

Research proving probiotics' worth is missing, even though they have backing from anecdotal evidence. Read More

A Closer Look at Insulin

When you think of insulin, you might think first of humans and diabetes. But horses have insulin, too ... Read More

Feeding Ill Horses

When you're feeling under the weather, sometimes all you want is a nice, hot bowl of chicken soup. Other times, you might hunger for a full-course meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and steaming green beans. Even a mild injury that keeps you Read More

Going Under

If you're like most horse owners, the idea of surgery performed on your beloved animal is unpleasant at best, terrifying at worst. Those fears are not unfounded. Because of the species' size and weight, their physiological reactions to many Read More

Sick Baby? Calories Count!

Focusing on proper nutrition can play a key role in getting your sick foal back on a healthy track. Read More

Understanding Equine Pain

Would you know if your horse was in pain? "Sure," you think, perhaps picturing your horse with a notable limp or a gaping wound. But what about less dramatic scenarios? Does it hurt your horse when you pull his mane, give him an injection, or Read More

Diarrhea in Adult Horses: Better Safe Than Sorry

But in horses, diarrhea--particularly persistent diarrhea in adult horses--is no laughing matter, and it's certainly not something you should keep to yourself. Because of direct consequences such as dehydration and malnutrition, as well as underlying Read More

Problems in the Hip and Pelvis

When you think about equine lameness, you probably think first about the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the leg, and of course the hoof. But lameness can also stem from trouble higher up the skeleton, including the pelvic (or Read More

Processed Horse Feed 101

Perhaps you've never thought about why your horse's grain looks the way it does, whether it's a molasses-bathed mix of cracked corn and crimped oats, alfalfa-enriched pellets, or chunky nuggets. If you're like most modern Read More

Joint Injections: A Good Idea?

Joint injections are a popular treatment used to help sport horses combat problems such as osteoarthritis. Read More

Mosquitos and Disease: Halt the Assault

WNV isn't the only threat posed by the common mosquito. All forms of arboviral encephalitis (arthropod-borne neurologic disease)--some of which, like WNV, can afflict both horses and humans--are mosquito-borne, as are malaria, dengue fever Read More

What's Wobbler Syndrome?

Wobbler, also known as wobbles, takes its name from its primary sign--a wobbling or uncoordinated gait. Read More