Laurie Lawrence, PhD (equine nutrition)

Laurie Lawrence, PhD, (equine nutrition), is a professor in the University of Kentucky's Department of Animal Sciences.

Articles by Laurie Lawrence

Hay: Does Fertilization Matter?

Should I look for hay that comes from a fertilized or unfertilized field? In what ways could the nutrition be affected? Read More

Should I Worry About the Hardness of My Horses' Water?

Our new community water source is "hard" water, with higher levels of calcium and magnesium. Should I be concerned? Read More

Controlling Ammonia in Horse Stalls

One of the irritating compounds that can accumulate inside a horse barn is ammonia (NH3). High concentrations of ammonia in the air can irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth and possibly increase the susceptibility o Read More

The Magnificent Seven

Ever wonder why some minerals (such as copper, zinc, iron, and selenium) are referred to as "trace minerals" while other minerals (such as calcium and phosphorus) are not? According to some nutrition texts, the term "trace" was originally used Read More