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When the Chips are Down: Equine Identification

Using microchip technology as a form of equine identification is quite popular in Europe. However, the widespread use of electronic identification systems for tracking diseased or stolen horses, show horses, or horses in transit has been slow to Read More

What's on the Horizon for Parasite Control

Among the plethora of studies and research dedicated to improving equine health, the war against internal parasites has made some of the biggest strides. The most effective dewormer to result from the last 20 years of research is Ivermectin. Tha Read More

Colostrum: Nothing Better Than Mother's Milk

There might be ongoing debate as to the value of a woman's colostrum versus commercial colostrum products, but for a foal, nothing is better than a mare's milk. Colostrum is specialized milk secreted during the first 24 hours following birth and Read More

Evaluating Placentas Can Pinpoint Potential Problems

Although common knowledge among veterinarians, few horse owners know that the condition of a mare's placenta following birth is a useful barometer for gauging the health of a newborn foal. If the placenta appears abnormal, the foal could be at Read More

The Farm's First-Aid Kit

Most horse owners equip their barns, stables, and trailers with an equine first-aid kit. However, most of these kits are either overstocked or inadequately maintained. Outdated drugs, contaminated ointments, and irritating medications can do mor Read More

Your Aging Horse is Only as Old as He Feels

So, rather than gauging a horse's age by years, Ralston recommends horse owners base an animal's retirement and/or health care management on the horse's physical fitness. Read More

Beta-Aminoproprionitrile Fumarate (BAPN)

In April of 1993, Ohio's 1992 Champion Sprinter Onion Roll suffered a catastrophic bowed tendon. The injury was so painful for the horse that Onion Roll's owners, Ed and Wendy Cash, were brokenheartedly considering euthanasia. About that time, Read More

DOD: Developmental Orthopedic Disorders

Ask six veterinarians what causes developmental orthopedic disorders in foals and you might get six different answers. According to Tina Kemper, DVM, there could very well be six causes, and possibly more. Kemper specializes in equine internal Read More

Traction or Trauma?

Some astute horsemen have long alleged that certain styles of horseshoes might predispose a racehorse to catastrophic injury, often resulting in euthanasia of the athlete. A recently completed study at the University of California, Davis, Read More

Bee Prepared

If you live in the South or Southwest, you have certainly heard, or read, about the northward progression of African honeybees, more sensationally known as "killer bees."

"Elderly Woman Attacked By Killer Bees," The Arizona Read More

Taxes and the Home Office

Because the IRS criteria for claiming a home-office deduction are so specific, and because the pros and cons of a home-office deduction vary by each individual situation Read More