New Vocations Receives Grant for Thoroughbred Aftercare

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program announced this week that a $15,000 grant has been awarded by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to aid the nonprofit program in rehabilitating Thoroughbreds off the racetrack.

“The number one reason horses retire from the track is due to some type of injury,” shared Anna Ford, New Vocations Program Director. “The majority of the horses we receive need to be rehabilitated from an injury prior to being retrained and rehomed. Unfortunately, the rehabilitation process requires a lot of time and funding. The ASPCA’s grant provides greatly needed funding that allows us to rehabilitate a number of horses that otherwise might be turned away.”

The grant from the ASPCA will enable New Vocations to rehabilitate additional injured Thoroughbreds over the next 12 months. The grant is provided as part of the ASPCA’s Million Dollar Rescuing Racers Initiative, which aids in the rescue and rehabilitation of retired racehorses. The initiative, now in its fourth year, was established with the goal of providing retired racehorses with the chance of rehabilitation and help them transition into a new life away from the track.

"Giving retired thoroughbreds enough time to heal from their career-ending injuries is a costly proposition and outside the reach of many rescues,” said Jacque Schultz, senior director of the ASPCA Equine Fund. “The ASPCA Equine Fund is happy to help New Vocations provide this necessary respite."

In 2012, New Vocations successfully rehabilitated an additional 30 injured Thoroughbreds with the help of last year’s ASPCA grant. Horses received, on average, 90 days of rehabilitation from previous track injuries followed by additional time for retraining and rehoming. In addition to the 30 Thoroughbreds funded by the initiative, New Vocations took in over 400 retired racehorses.

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