400 Horses Adopted Via The Horse.com

Mel was lucky horse No. 400.

The 13-year-old, 13-hand black Paso Fino gelding was recently adopted by a woman in Lincoln, Neb., making him the 400th horse to be adopted via The Horse.com's free listing service.

"He left my house on the 14th of May on a Friday night and got there on Sunday evening," said previous owner Stephanie Snyder of Westminster, Md. She said Mel left Maryland and traveled through Virginia, Texas and Oklahoma before arriving in Nebraska.

Snyder said the new owner told her that Mel was loaded on and off the trailer so many times that when he was finally loaded off in Nebraska, he backed way and seemed to say he was not getting back on.

Snyder said the new owner has two rescued Peruvian Pasos. She believes Mel will be used for trail riding.

"I had too many horses and not enough time," Snyder said. She said Mel was "a sweet little guy who just needed somebody to spend some time with him and he bonds pretty easily."

In the original Jan. 23 posting on The Horse website, Snyder said Mel was responding well to ground work and described him as a quick learner and respectful. She also said he needed work under saddle.

"I got so much response (to the posting). Probably 50-60 people asking. Way more than I got when I advertised him for money. All I really wanted was a good home," Snyder said.

Deer Meadow Applause, Rebel and Dixie are three other horses who have been adopted via The Horse.

Two readers of The Horse recently wrote in to share their experiences.

"Deer Meadow Applause found a home thanks to your wonderful website. Thank you! His new owner is a wonderful, experienced, stallion owner and it looks like a match made in heaven," his previous owner wrote.

She said it took many months to winnow through the e-mails and phone calls from interested parties and to check their backgrounds and identify the people who had stallion experience.

"Without this website, I would never have found the best new home for him," she wrote.

Rebel and Dixie were listed on The Horse website in response to a woman's plea for help.

"She approached me while I was shopping for horse feed and began to ask me questions about caring for horses. She then stated that he husband was killed about four months ago. Which it has now been about seven-eight months. She told me that she has no clue how to really care for these horses properly and was in desperate need of help.

"I told her that my daughter and I both have horses and belong to 4-H and know a lot of horse people. So needless to say I began the journey of placing these beautiful horses in new homes. It didn't take too long before we finally found the right person for these babies," wrote the New Jersey woman who posted the ads for the woman."

And, she wrote: "Thanks so much for offering this free service on your website."

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