NYRA Adopts Anti-Slaughter Policy

The New York Racing Association (NYRA) has a new anti-slaughter policy, which states that any horse owner or trainer stabled at a NYRA track found to have directly or indirectly sold a horse for slaughter will have his or her stalls permanently revoked, according to NYRA.com.

"This policy sends the message that horse slaughter will not be tolerated and that those participating in this practice, either knowingly or for lack of due diligence, will not be welcome at Aqueduct, Belmont Park, or Saratoga," Charles Hayward, NYRA president and CEO.

According to NRYA.com, the policy states:

"NYRA requires its horsemen to conduct due diligence on those buying horses and encourages them to support rescue and adoption efforts and to find humane ways of dealing with horses unable to continue racing."

Commercial horse processing for human consumption has not taken place in the United States since 2007 when Congress denied funds for USDA horsemeat inspections. Without USDA inspections, horsemeat cannot be sold for human consumption. However, horses can still shipped to Mexico and Canada for processing. Legislation is currently pending that would ban all transport of horses to processing plants in Mexico and Canada.

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