Abandoned Horse Recovering from Head Injury

An abandoned Thoroughbred gelding found near Mesa, Ariz., is recovering from injuries and regaining condition better than his foster owner expected.

Gwen Cleary has been caring for the horse, called Solo Vino, since he arrived at her farm on March 3, with a gash in his head, fractured skull, and detached nuchal ligament, apparently caused by a blow to the head.

Solo Vino recovering

Solo Vino on April 30

Solo Vino underwent surgery and Cleary said his "wound has healed completely."

The horse has also gained about 200 pounds, although Cleary said she would like to see him put on more weight.

The next obstacle is dealing with Solo Vino's ringbone, which is causing pain for the 7-year-old horse. At present he is receiving Adequan shots, but Cleary is looking at the possibility of surgery to fuse his pastern.

"We're just blessed to have come this far, he's got a wonderful heart and we would love to adopt him out if someone is willing to take him on," she said. "He deserves to have a permanent home."

The Maricopa County Sheriff was investigating the case, but Cleary said there have been no new developments.

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