Equine Influenza: Still Spreading

The New South Wales (NSW) Department of Primary Industries stated as of Oct. 14 there were 4,502 infected properties, 440 dangerous contact properties, and 470 suspect properties. The Queensland Department of Primary Industries stated as of Oct. 14 there were 1,137 infected properties. In Queensland, equine influenza is still contained to the Red Zone in the state's southeast.

In New South Wales, the government reported the number of infected properties has leveled off to about 80 to 100 per day.

According to the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the key requirement for clearance of infected properties, which allows areas in Red Zones to be changed to Amber Zones, is testing at least 28 days after onset of signs in the last clinical case on the premises.

NSW Department of Primary Industries Minister Ian Mcdonald announced increases in the Purple Zone, which now extends from Tamworth to Camden. This will free up movement in this zone.

According to the governemnt, vaccination of horses in New South Wales is under way. However, due to the limited supplies of vaccine, priorities have been set for which horses should be vaccinated. Eleven vaccination centers have been planned or established, with new centers scheduled to go into operation.

News sources in Australia reported that a scare of possible equine influenza cases in Tasmania is at this point unfounded. Tests thus far have resulted in no positive cases of equine influenza in Tasmania. Some horses with respiratory problems late last week caused the scare.

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