Fleeceworks Merino Wool Saddle Pads

Lower in cost and more durable than sheepskin, Merino wool saddle pads are the newest offering from Fleeceworks.


In a saddle pad, wool provides a thermal balancing layer that wicks heat away from the horse's back--something that acrylic fleece cannot do. Wool, the original high-tech fiber, can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, keeping the horse's back dry and comfortable. It has more natural elasticity than any other fiber, and is one of the least allergenic of materials. It washes easily with a mild detergent, either in the machine on gentle cycle or by hand.

Contact Fleeceworks, Inc., 432 Maple St., #7, Ramona, CA 92065; 760/788-5949; www.fleeceworks.com.

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