Shredded Court Documents Give Horse Allergy Relief

An allergy to hay and straw dust can be a tough sentence for a horse. But a black-and-white U.K. lesson horse with the problem is breathing more easily after a local community justice center and two magistrates' courts began donating shredded scrap paper for use as his bedding.

Domino and his bedding

Police Community Support Officers Steph Jacobson (left) and Maria Garrity hold shredded recycled court documents that are used as Domino's bedding. The horse is allergic to hay and straw dust, among other things.

Domino, a cob that stands at more than 16 hands tall, lives in Merseyside, U.K. He has been afflicted with allergies for about 10 years and is sensitive to hay dust, tree and grass pollens, and weeds. Owner Kathy Pye treats Domino with an inhaler each day, and she is always looking for innovative ways to help his situation. Pye, a magistrate in Knowsley, said, "I was at the end of my tether as nothing seemed to work with Domino. When he took to eating specialized bedding, it was time to think laterally. I heard that the community justice centre and the two other courts recycled paper and I approached them for a donation."

Domino gets a regular supply of shredded paper from the courts, giving them the opportunity to recycle.

Joan Porter, Community Engagement Manager at North Liverpool Community Justice Centre, said, "When Kathy asked us for the shredded paper, we were happy to oblige as the paper was earmarked for normal recycling. It was a very unusual request, but one that addressed Domino's allergy and gave us a useful way of dealing with our waste paper. It's all part of the centre working with the community."






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