Computer-Assisted Saddle Fit Analysis Now Available

The Saddletech System for horse owners concerned about the comfort of their horses and the fit of their saddles is now available from Onsite Tack Services.


Using a patented force measurement pad, the Saddletech System provides a color-coded computer display showing the distribution and intensity of pressure on the horse’s back from both saddle and rider. Unequal pressure distribution is immediately apparent.


This system is the only saddle fit technique that incorporates the weight of the mounted rider in the fit analysis.


Saddle fit problems can be resolved by using saddle that fits differently, or by having a custom-fitted Saddletech Orthotic custom made for the horse.


The Saddletech Gauge is a calibrated instrument that measures the 3-dimensional shape of the horse's back and compares those measurements to the dimensions of the saddle. Although bailing wire, plaster casts, special pads, paper tracings, and pegboards can provide some information about a horse’s back, these methods do not provide numerical measurements.


Using data from over 10 years of computer saddle fit testing, Saddletech creates a thermoplastic formed structure that is "custom made" to the Saddletech Gauge measurements, adjusted by a patented formula to include the effect of the rider’s weight. The result is a "Formula Fit" Orthotic for each horse.


To obtain more information on the Saddletech System, call Onsite Tack Services at 813/294-7517 or send an email to

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