Disaster Recovery


Benefits of Microchipping Horses

October 21, 2017

Learn how microchips can benefit horses and their owners, especially after natural disasters.... Read More

Volunteers try to steer newly arrived donkeys into the stable area at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds large animal evacuation center in Santa Rosa, California, on Oct. 11, 2017. More than 200 fire engines and firefighting crews from around the country rushed to California to help battle infernos, which have left at least 41 people dead and thousands homeless.


Saving Horses From the Northern California Wildfires

October 17, 2017

As wildfires rage in California, owners in Sonoma County are working together to evacuate and care for horses.... Read More


Horse Community Rallies While California Wildfires Rage

October 16, 2017

More than 500 horses were moved from the fire zone to fairgrounds evacuation sites in Sonoma County alone.... Read More


Evacuated Horses Escape Northern California Wildfires

October 11, 2017

More than 300 horses have been evacuated amid wildfires that have burned more than 117,000 acres.... Read More


Plane With Horse Feed, Vet Supplies Lands in Puerto Rico

October 02, 2017

Equine groups hope to help the more than 800 Thoroughbreds at Camarero Race Track and other horses on the island.... Read More


Industry Groups Join Forces to Help Puerto Rican Racehorses

September 29, 2017

At least four horses have died due to the lack of resources since Hurricane Maria devastated the island.... Read More


It's All Academic Until it Happens to You

September 21, 2017

TheHorse.com reporter Pat Raia shares her experiences preparing for and weathering Hurricane Irma.... Read More


Social Media Scenes: Hurricanes and Horses

September 08, 2017

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are bringing equestrians together to ensure horse safety as Mother Nature takes a toll.... Read More


10 Severe Weather Preparation Resources on TheHorse.com

September 08, 2017

Learn how to prepare your horses and farm for natural disasters before they occur.... Read More


Horse Owners, Rescuers Surveying Harvey's Impact

August 30, 2017

Flooding continues to challenge Texas horse owners while those in Louisiana prepare to cope with the storm's rain.... Read More


Harvey Still Displacing Texas Horses

August 28, 2017

Sam Houston Race Park's stable manager is still fielding calls from owners hoping to relocate their horses there.... Read More


After the Flood: Cleaning Your Horse Farm

August 28, 2017

Here's how to get your farm back to normal so your horses have a safe and comfortable place to, once again, call home.... Read More


Animal Resource Exercise Will Help Prepare for Emergencies

May 28, 2017

The event will help prepare first responders for dealing with animals, including horses, in the event of a disaster.... Read More


Wildfire Smoke and Horses' Respiratory Health

April 28, 2017

Smoke can cause serious respiratory problems for horses. Here's how to protect your herd in case of wildfires.... Read More


Natural Disasters and Horses: Tips to Remember

February 16, 2017

Navigate natural disasters with proper planning and research ahead of time and patience during the aftermath.... Read More


Flooding Displaces California, Nevada Horses

January 12, 2017

Heavy rains in California and flash floods in Nevada forced the evacuation of multiple horses.... Read More


Kentucky Training Center Barn Fire Kills More Than 20 Horses

December 19, 2016

Lightning is being blamed for the fire at Mercury Equine Center that killed 18 yearlings and five horses of racing age.... Read More


Horses Perish in Colorado Barn Fire

December 14, 2016

More than a dozen horses were killed when fire swept through their Adams County barn this week.... Read More


Authorities Say No Wounded Horses Roaming Wildfire Region

December 07, 2016

Tennessee authorities said investigations have revealed no evidence to support such claims made on social media.... Read More


Dozens of Horses Displaced by Smoky Mountain Wildfire

November 30, 2016

Some horses and ponies have been evacuated as their owners wait to see the full extent of the fire's damage.... Read More


Equine Guelph Introduces Barn Fire Prevention Tool

October 01, 2016

Users receive a personalized list of recommended improvements to help prevent barn fires at their facilities.... Read More


Santa Cruz County, California, Horses Displaced by Wildfire

September 29, 2016

Several horses have returned to their homes, but others remain at the county animal shelter and fairgrounds.... Read More


(Un)certain Change: Climate Shifts and Horse Keeping

September 10, 2016

Learn how rising temperatures and extreme weather events are affecting horse keeping.... Read More


Oregon Emergency Wild Horse Gather Concludes Successfully

September 07, 2016

In total 155 horses--33 foals, 55 mares, and 67 stallions--were gathered and transported to an adoption facility.... Read More


Horses Evacuated From Louisiana Flood Heading Home

August 31, 2016

Most of the evacuated horses have returned to their owners' farms, but 149 horses are still waiting to go home.... Read More