Stable and Other Vices


Pony Girthing/Mounting Issues

February 01, 2006

My 11-year-old daughter is having trouble with her pony nipping at her when she is girthing him, and when she goes to mount without an assistant. He also smacks his tail and pins his ears, almost looking like he might cow-kick at her sometimes.... Read More


Kicking Problems

November 01, 2005

My horse constantly kicks his stall, and in the pasture he's very rough with other horses, biting and kicking them. How can I stop this behavior?          Jess; Boulder, Colo.

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Weaving in Horses: Another Look

April 01, 2005

In this time of enlightened horse management, it is staggering that the myths and folklore surrounding stable "vices" still refuse to die, and therefore the repetitive behaviors themselves continue to thrive. Even the term "vice" implies the... Read More


Stopping Aggression Problems With an Equine Shock Collar

February 14, 2005

To determine whether equine shock collars could eliminate aggressive behavior, Kennedy looked at a group of 15 horses that were either aggressive toward a new horse in the pasture, aggressive toward a horse on the opposite side of a fence... Read More


Nutritional Link to Equine Behavior

December 01, 2004

Today's equine management practices can be a recipe for disaster. For a horse, stall life and two meals a day might be like living in a prison, and that lifestyle might contribute to delinquencies and health problems in horses.

"These... Read More


Seven Deadly Sins

December 01, 2004

No matter a horse's talent, if he consistently engages in difficult, damaging, or dangerous behavior, he risks being found guilty of being a "problem horse." He then will serve time wearing uncomfortable devices designed to break or hinder an... Read More


Cribbing: Effect on Colic (AAEP 2003)

February 04, 2004

Cribbing, the oral stereotypic behavior in which the horse grabs an object with his teeth while flexing his neck and sometimes swallowing air, has long been suspected as a cause of colic. ... Read More


Cribbing and Colic

February 01, 2004

Cribbing, the oral stereotypic behavior in which the horse grabs an object with his teeth while flexing his neck and sometimes swallowing air, has long been suspected as a cause of colic. A study from the Universities of Illinois and Liverpool... Read More


Tail Rubbing

December 01, 2003

One of our mares rubs her butt on everything, all the time. It messes up the top of her tail, and she always has these big scratch marks across her butt.

We can't seem to get her to stop it. We have dewormed her regularly and... Read More


Tough Catches

November 01, 2003

I have an 18-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse that was vaccinated two weeks ago with no apparent reaction. A w... Read More


Forages for Stabled Horses

October 01, 2003

Busy training schedules and fears about injury often limit pasture access for performance horses. Prolonged stall confinement, however, can be detrimental to a horse's attitude. Boredom can lead to destructive behaviors, including weaving,... Read More


Can't He Just Drink Out of It?

August 01, 2003

There are several possible explanations as to why a horse might play with his water bucket every night.... Read More


Kicking Out at Feeding Time

April 01, 2003

My gelding is stall kicking. I'm not there at feeding time, but my trainer tells me the stall kicking occurs when it's feeding time. The same thing happened the last two places he lived. She has tried feeding him first, but that didn't help.... Read More


Cribbing and Wood Chewing: Just Gotta Gnaw

July 01, 2002

Cribbing and wood chewing by horses can create problems for horse and owner alike. Wood chewing is often considered by many owners to be a rather benign vice, while cribbing more frequently is considered to be a direct threat to the horse's... Read More


Controlling Cribbing

July 01, 2002

There is a new 3-year-old gelding in my barn. He cribs and wears a collar; the collar seems awfully tight to me. A respected friend says that the other horses might pick up this habit from this horse. Is that true? And how can I work with... Read More


When Your Horse Thinks He's a Termite...

November 01, 2001

Q: Is chewing pressure-treated wood (the green-tinged wood) dangerous for horses?


Q: Our horses have started eating our fences and tree bark quite frequently this year.... Read More


Retraining a Rebellious Colt

September 01, 2001

We recently had a foal who is now one month old. His mother has always been easy to handle in the cross ties or harness (she is a 20-year-old retired Standardbred), but is not a horse which can be caught easily in the pasture, and she isn't... Read More


Unpredictable Fear

August 01, 2001

I have inherited a mare that no one wants because every once in a while she spooks and bolts, big time, without warning. No one has ever been able to figure out for sure what sets her off. But she can go from normal one second to a serious... Read More


Herd Bound Horses

July 01, 2001

I was wondering if you could help me. For a friend, I look after a 15.3-hand mare who is six years old. The horse had a fairly bad start in life as she was first abandoned in a stable, then in a field. She has luxating patellas in both hind... Read More


Stall Walking

June 01, 2001

I have a yearling Thoroughbred that constantly circumnavigates his stall. This is causing an uneven wear pattern on his hooves. How do I stop him from doing this? We do not want to put him in a standing stall, and have tried hanging a tire...... Read More


Teeth Grinding

January 01, 2001

What does teeth grinding mean? I think there is a horse in our barn that does it sometimes. ... Read More


Research: Mirrors Help Reduce Stress and Social Isolation

January 01, 2001

A research team at The Lincolnshire School of Agriculture, located near the town of Grantham in the English county of Lincolnshire, recently released the results of a study showing that horses are more content and relaxed if acrylic mirrors are... Read More


Playful Rearing

December 01, 2000

We recently received an orphaned colt from a very reputable breeder friend who had neither the time nor facilities to raise the baby. We picked him up when he was five hours old, and he is now three weeks old. Health-wise he is doing fine. H... Read More


Problem Behaviors in Pastures

June 01, 2000

I recently purchased a 4-year-old gelding. He is extremely aggressive toward my other gelding in the pasture, and I'm unable to turn them out together. I am able to turn the horse out with my pony mare and pony gelding, but he... Read More


Paddock Ins And Outs

January 01, 2000

Our 12-year-old gelding, Ringo, has become difficult to bring in from the pasture. He sometimes drags us through the barn door. Then he barges through the stall door and straight to his grain tub. There's almost no stopping him. For a couple... Read More