Health Scheduling

August 01, 2000

For first-time horse owners, getting a new horse can border on the overwhelming. You have to find a suitable boarding barn or create adequate stabling on your own property and buy tack, grooming equipment, cooling sheets and/or blankets. Yo... Read More


Long in the Tooth

July 01, 2000

Old age treats some horses better than others. Many continue to lead happy, healthy lives well into their 30s--a little slower, maybe, with some loss of muscle tone or a bit of a swayback, but otherwise in good flesh and good spirits until... Read More


Feeding Older Horses: Cuisine For The Golden Years

May 01, 2000

Horses which have been correctly fed all their lives are far more likely to live to a ripe old age.... Read More


Equine Dental Care is More Than Just Floating Teeth

October 01, 1999

When you schedule an appointment for yourself at the dentist’s office, you usually mark off a whole afternoon on your calendar. You have X rays, get a thorough cleaning of each and every tooth, maybe get a tooth or two filled—and you almost... Read More


Do I Need a Dental Exam For My Horse?

March 01, 1999

Q: I have a Morgan mare who, I think, might have something wrong with her teeth. What should I expect from a dental examination for my horse?... Read More


Equine Dentistry Update

September 01, 1998

One of the oldest of adages in the horse world is, "No feet, no horse." We could add another that is just as appropriate, "No teeth, no horse." The teeth are one of the most important parts of a horse's anatomy, yet they often... Read More


Veterinarian Indicted In Clenbuterol Smuggling Case

June 18, 1998

On May 22, 1998, a Federal grand jury indicted Dr. Jerry M. Bonham, a veterinarian from Cordell, Oklahoma, on charges of conspiring to buy illegal clenbuterol that had been smuggled into the U.S. from Canada. Dr. Bonham owns... Read More


Your Aging Horse is Only as Old as He Feels

February 01, 1997

So, rather than gauging a horse's age by years, Ralston recommends horse owners base an animal's retirement and/or health care management on the horse's physical fitness.... Read More