Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Wanted Alabama Man Escapes on Horseback

An Alabama man wanted on a pair of criminal warrants escaped arrest by fleeing on horseback. Read More

Plan to Manage Nevada's Virginia Range Herd Finalized

Return to Freedom will manage more than 1,500 horses residing on the Virginia Range in western Nevada. Read More

Convicted Wisconsin Couple Dies in Murder-Suicide

David and Paula White were found dead on the same day they were convicted of mistreating dozens of horses. Read More

Alabama Authorities Probe Horse Shooting

Alabama authorities are investigating a shooting that left a Mobile County horse dead. Read More

Louisiana Horses Shot in Barn

Two Louisiana horses are dead after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds and authorities are seeking those responsible. Read More

Horses' Remains Found in Florida

Authorities are seeking whoever butchered two horses and left their remains at a roadside in Lee County, Florida. Read More

Arizona Men Charged in Horse Shooting

Two Arizona men are in custody after being charged with animal cruelty for allegedly shooting a horse multiple times. Read More

Kentucky Legislators Pass Estray Animal Bill

The bill will reduce the number of days counties must keep estray animals, including horses, in their custody. Read More

Oregon Horse Shooter Sought

Authorities are seeking whoever is responsible for tying a horse to a tree before fatally shooting the animal. Read More

Court Sides With Wild Horse Advocates

A Nevada judge has dismissed a lawsuit asking the BLM to remove horses from rangelands to protect the ecologic balance. Read More

National Park, Badlands Horse Registry Strike Agreement

Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Badlands Horse Registry will work to place wild horses in approved homes. Read More

North Carolina State Fair Drops Walking Horse Classes

A representative said Tennessee Walking Horse exhibitors are still welcome to enter classes at the open horse show. Read More

New Mexico Bill Targets Drug Testing Sample Handling

The legislation would require the New Mexico Racing Commission to establish rules for handling drug testing specimens. Read More

Foal Carcass Discarded on Michigan Roadside

Authorities discovered the young foal's remains on March 5. Necropsy results are pending. Read More

Mississippi Children's Hospital Declines TWH Show Donations

The University of Mississippi Batson Children's Hospital sought to remove itself from controversy surrounding soring. Read More

Alleged Montana Horse Abuser Caught in Florida

The man wanted for allegedly maltreating more than two dozen horses was caught after nearly a year on the run. Read More

Court Rules on Checkerboard Wild Horse Gather

The court says the BLM violated the NEPA, but didn't violate the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. Read More

Florida Man Pleads in Horse Killing Incident

A man accused of killing a horse and injuring the animal's rider has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. Read More

Preparedness is Key to Surviving Tornadoes with Horses

Being prepared in advance is crucial for helping horses survive potentially life-threatening storms. Read More

USDA Seeks Comments on Proposed Animal Export Rule Updates

The proposed rules would only pertain to animals intended for permanent export from the United States. Read More

App Connects New York Police With State Animal Statutes

The app is designed to give law enforcement personnel easy access to New York's animal laws. Read More

Massachusetts Firefighters Save Horses After Roof Collapse

None of the 15 horses rescued from the barn were injured in the collapse. Read More

Charges Dismissed in Vermont Arabian Horse Cruelty Case

Animal cruelty charges against a Vermont woman accused of maltreating 23 Arabian horses have been dropped. Read More

Kentucky House Passes Estray Horse Bill

The legislation would reduce the number of days Kentucky counties must keep estray animals in their custody. Read More

Oregon Horse Herd Seized

Authorities have seized nearly 40 allegedly maltreated horses from a farm in Dallas, Oregon. Read More