eyeD to Provide Equine Identification at APHA World Show

Global Animal Management and the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) are proud to announce that eyeD will sponsor the 2012 APHA World Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 7-17. Horses will receive a courtesy scan from eyeD at the APHA identification station throughout the show.

An non-invasive technology, eyeD utilizes iris scanning to take a digital photo of a horse's eyes. Once the horse's unique "eyePrint" information is securely stored in the eyeD database, horse owners can purchase access to have a positive, accurate identification method available to them 24/7.

All horse owners attending the APHA World Show will receive a local, courtesy enrollment in eyeD as part of their check-in process for APHA positive identification. The local enrollment will include an iris scan that will connect each Paint Horse to its APHA registration records using eyeD technology, giving exhibitors the option for a paperless check-in at future APHA World Shows. Quick and non-invasive, the scan takes only seconds with information on horses pre-entered in the APHA World Show preloaded into the system.

Paint Horse owners can upgrade to a national enrollment and receive full benefits of eyeD year-round, anywhere in the country, for just $50 per horse as part of a limited-time Futurity Club offer. A national eyeD enrollment allows owners to upload and attach medical information to a secure site, providing 24/7 access to eCoggins certificates, health records, and registration papers.

"Our non-invasive, iris scanning services will make APHA World Show attendees' experience seamless when it comes to equine identification," said David Knupp, marketing manager for Global Animal Management.

"eyeD brings an exciting application of technology to the equine industry," said APHA Executive Director Billy Smith. "Linking horses, veterinarians and APHA records in this way can produce some terrific short- and long-term benefits for our members, beginning with the option of paperless check-in at our 2013 World Shows. The courtesy eye scans exhibitors receive this year opens the door to improved service in the future."

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