Husband and Wife Team Capture 2012 Tevis Cup

Garrett Ford crossed the finish line at 10:05 p.m. PDT on Aug. 4 to win the 2012 Tevis Cup on his 12-year-old Arabian gelding The Fury. Wife Lisa Ford followed mere steps behind to take second place on her 10-year-old bay gelding CE Cyclone. Their unofficial ride time for the 100-mile event was 14 hours, 50 minutes.

Courageous Comet

Garrett and Lisa Ford crossed the finish line at 10:05 p.m. to win the 2012 Tevis Cup.

Both horses met the heart rate criteria of 68 beats per minute shortly after finishing the ride, and both passed a cardiac recover index, which involves taking the equine’s pulse and then having the rider or their representative trot the horse out 120 feet and back. Exactly 60 seconds from the beginning of the trot out, another will be performed; a fit horse should have the same pulse rate at both checks. Veterinarians declared the horses sound to certify the placings.

Garrett Ford and The Fury have finished in the top ten at the past two Tevis Cups, and The Fury received the 2010 Haggin Cup, which is awarded to the animal found to be in the best physical condition of the top ten finishers.

Three-time winner Tevis winner Jeremy Reynolds was eliminated early in the race when his horse took a spill around Mile 10. Past-winner Heather Reynolds was in position for a second win until Mile 85 when her horse suffered a muscle cramp and was removed from the ride.

“Lisa and I have been training with the Reynolds since May,” said Garrett Ford at the finish line. “They are the two best riders in the world and Lisa and I would not be here without what we learned from them.”

Garrett Ford explained that third place finisher Kevin Myers and fourth place rider Rusty Toth completed the group of six riders who utilized his Durango, Colo., home to prepare for the Tevis Cup.

“I’ve got a mountain that goes from 6,800 feet to 11,700 feet right out my backdoor,” he said.

Was there fierce family competition out on the dark California trail? Not so according to Lisa Ford. “We went through a little conflict with each of us saying, ‘You go first,’ ” said Lisa. “But, you know, someone has to win.”

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