301 Horses Adopted Via TheHorse.com Service

More than 300 free horses have found new homes through the free listing service provided by TheHorse.com since its launch in November 2008.

Originally created to help place Thoroughbreds in new homes, Standardbred listings were added in June 2009 and the service was opened to all breeds of horses in November.

Horses successfully placed in new homes include Paints, Oldenburgs, Tennessee Walking Horses, Mustangs, Morgans, Belgians, and more. See the success stories.

If you--or someone you know--has a horse in need of a new home, please visit TheHorse.com. Links to the database are on the home page, or you can visit TheHorse.com/Horses/Add.aspx to add a horse or TheHorse.com/Horses/Available.aspx to view horses of all breeds seeking new homes.

We recommend anyone giving away a horse, whether to a private individual or a welfare/rescue organization, learn as much as possible about that person or group prior to giving the horse away. There have been unscrupulous individuals and groups who take horses under the pretense of giving them good homes, then sell them for slaughter. (See article "Rescue Highlights Danger of Free Horses.")

The article "Horse Rescue Organizations: Questions to Ask" offers some tips on making sure the person or group who takes your horse will, indeed, have good intentions.

There also are some very good organizations that are recognized throughout the horse industry as being legitimate places to donate your horses, especially the sound horses looking for other careers. For example, the article "Options for Ex-Racehorses" will give you the names and contact information for some of these groups whether you are interested in donating or adopting a Thoroughbred. The Unwanted Horse Coalition also maintains a list of rescue and welfare organizations.

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