Flies Be Gone



Flies Be Gone traps offer effective, non-toxic fly control.

The size of a football, each trap catches up to 20,000 flies. The easy-to-use device is disposable and requires no maintenance. Each unit comes complete with a protein-based natural fly food called Ultra Biomass, manufactured exclusively for Flies Be Gone. Ultra Biomass is effective for up to four weeks, unlike the short life, synthetic baits used in many other flytraps. Used outdoors, Flies Be Gone provides an effective perimeter defense covering up to half an acre.

This product is used by pest control professionals in every venue, and it is now being used extensively on horse ranches, zoos, and near restaurants and food-service providers. Since Flies Be Gone is non-toxic, it is perfect for protection where children and animals are present.

For more information, visit www.MonsterFlyTrap.com.

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