Twin Lipizzans Born At Tempel Farms

The rarest of the rare has happened at Tempel Farms, home of the prized Tempel Lipizzan stallions. Twin Lipizzan foals have been born—an improbable occurrence that takes place in fewer than one percent of all horse births, and is made even more numerically scarce by the rarity of the Lipizzan breed. There are slightly more than 2,000 pure bred Lipizzans in the world, five percent of which reside at Tempel Farms, the Wadsworth, Ill.—based home of the largest privately owned herd of Lipizzans anywhere.

It is hoped that the twins—a colt, who was born first, and a filly born minutes later—will be strong and well-adjusted enough to appear with their mother in the opening "Mares and Foals" segment of the Lipizzans’ summer performances.

Tempel Farms is located in northern Lake County, Illinois, a 50-minute drive from either Chicago or Milwaukee, near Gurnee Mills Mall.

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