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How to Do a Half Halt

Erin King of All The Kings Horses explains how to do a half halt with your horse to improve collection.


Handle Encounters on a Trail

Robyn Spector offers advice on how to safely handle encounters on the trail.


How to Introduce Your Horse to the Beach

Learn how to safely introduce your horse to the beach.


Teach Your Horse to Stand While Mounting

Michelle Quirico shares tips for teaching your horse to stand still as you mount to ride.


Does Your Saddle Hurt Your Horse?

Find out what behaviors can tell you that your saddle hurts your horse.


Overcome Rider Fear Part 3: Creating a Plan for Success

Get tips for overcoming your fears and how to work your way back into your equestrian comfort zone.


Overcome Rider Fear Part 2: Self Evaluation

Garry Stauber and Martha McNiel show you how to identify the source of your fears through self evaluation.


Overcome Rider Fear Part 1: Identifying the Source of Fear

Garry Stauber and Martha McNiel, LMFT, show you how to identify the source of your fears.


Shock Wave Therapy Demonstration

Dr. Laura Werner performs shock wave therapy on a horse with signs of pelvic pain.


Knowing When to Retire an Arthritic Horse

Dr. Dave Frisbie of Colorado State University shares his thoughts on retiring horses due to arthritis.


Feeding the Sick Horse

Dr. Ginger Rich of Rich Equine Nutritional Consulting shares practices for feeding sick horses.


Intra-Articular Therapy: What Do I Need to Know?

Learn about equine intra-articular joint-injections for arthritis from a leading researcher and practitioner.


Dynamic Respiratory Clinical Cases

Dr. Gary Priest presents equine respiratory disease cases identified via dynamic endoscopy.


How to Pony a Horse

Learn how to pony a horse with Charles Wilhelm of Castro Valley, Calif.


ISES 2013: Why Rein Tension is Important to Horse Welfare

Dr. Hayley Randle shares why it's important for riders and coaches to understand rein tension.


ISES 2013: Comparing Amateurs and Pros in Rein Tension Study

Dr. Hayley Randle compares how professional and amateur riders responded during her rein tension study.


ISES 2013: Rider Perception of Rein Tension Study

Dr. Hayley Randle shares the results of her study investigating rider perception of rein tension.


Do Joint Supplements Help Prevent and/or Treat Arthritis?

Dr. David Frisbie of Colorado State describes the effectiveness of equine joint supplements.


Exercise Physiology: Are Horses like Humans & Other Species?

Dr. Erica McKenzie shares what exercise physiology research in humans and dogs can tell us about our horses.


Using Vital Signs to Monitor Racehorses

Dr. Scott Palmer explains how vital signs are used to monitor racehorses during and after training.


Shoeing Racehorses

Dr. Scott Palmer describes some common racehorse shoeing techniques.


Tying Up: A Breed-Specific Disease

Dr. Erica McKenzie of Oregon State University shares the horse breeds and diseases associated with tying up.


How To: Condition Your Horse for Summer Riding

Dr. Erica McKenzie shares how to get your horse into riding shape after a winter's rest.


Tying Up Explained

Dr. Erica McKenzie describes the common causes of exertional rhabdomyolysis in horses.

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