Wild & Feral Horses

"Wild Horses in SW Wyoming (White Mountain)."
Photo submitted by Julianne Zimmerman Alley.


BLM Seeks Input on Proposed Gather in North Lander Complex

December 24, 2016

The operation would include gathering wild horses and conducting fertility control treatments.... Read More


BLM Seeking Comments on Pine Nut Mountains HMA Plan

December 23, 2016

The BLM will accept public comments on the draft Pine Nut Mountains Herd Management Area Plan through Jan. 22, 2017.... Read More


Lawsuit Challenges Plan to Remove Estray Horses at Fort Polk

December 20, 2016

The suit seeks to keep the Army from removing the horses that roam Louisiana's Fort Polk and Kisatchie National Forest.... Read More


Wild Horse Advocates Ponder Zinke Nomination

December 16, 2016

Congressman Ryan Zinke was nominated for Secretary of the Interior; the BLM is within the Department of the Interior.... Read More


Auction of Seized ISPMB Horses Relocated

December 09, 2016

A barrage of harassing phone calls and other threats prompted the sale's relocation, officials said.... Read More

A Przewalski's mare with her foal in the Mongolian Gobi desert.


Tail Hairs Reveal Gobi Desert Equids' Dietary Choices

December 01, 2016

Przewalski's and domestic horses feed exclusively on grass, while wild asses feed on grass along with shrubs in winter.... Read More


Arizona House Members Seek Salt River Herd Growth Control

November 28, 2016

The bipartisan group called for Salt River mares to be treated with porcine zona pellucida to manage herd growth.... Read More


BLM, University of Wyoming to Study Wild Horse Movement

November 15, 2016

Radio collars will help researchers learn more about horses' seasonal land use, migration patterns, and herd movements. ... Read More


Wild Horse Sanctuary Must Rehome Horses Before Dec. 1

November 15, 2016

Any horses and burros not adopted by Dec. 1 will be sold at auction.... Read More


BLM Proposing Fence, Water Projects in Colorado

November 11, 2016

The BLM believes the projects will benefit the wild horses in the Piceance-East Douglas herd management area.... Read More


Reward to Find Salt River Foal Shooter Grows

November 09, 2016

A reward for information being offered in connection to the fatal shooting has grown to $25,000.... Read More


BLM Plans Second South Steens Wild Horse Bait-Trap Gather

November 08, 2016

The agency hopes to gather and remove about 100 horses from the Oregon herd management area.... Read More


BLM Begins Bait-Trapping Sand Wash Wild Horses

November 06, 2016

The BLM hopes to gather up to 50 wild horses from the Sand Wash Herd Management Area in northwestern Colorado.... Read More


BLM Off-Range Facilities Inefficient, OIG Finds

November 04, 2016

The OIG also says the off-range facility use is noncompliant with some federal regulations and lacks strategic planning,... Read More


Drivers: Watch for Wild Horses, Burros During Low Visibility

October 31, 2016

Wild horses and burros wandering into the road can create safety hazards as daylight saving time comes to an end.... Read More


BLM to Gather Horses at Owyhee Complex Starting Nov. 1

October 27, 2016

The BLM will gather horses from the Owyhee, Little Owyhee, and Rock Creek herd management areas.... Read More


Deputies Seek Shooter of Salt River Foal

October 26, 2016

Authorities found that a foal belonging to the Salt River herd, which is protected under state law, was shot and killed.... Read More


BLM Plans Public Tours of Nevada Wild Horse, Burro Corral

October 21, 2016

Two public tours of the Indian Lakes Off-Range Wild Horse and Burro Corral, in Fallon, will take place Oct. 28.... Read More


BLM Concludes Pancake Emergency Wild Horse Gather

October 20, 2016

The agency removed 297 horses from the Big Sand Spring Valley portion of the Pancake herd management area.... Read More


ISPMB President Says Horse Deaths 'Misrepresented'

October 18, 2016

Karen Sussman was accused of maltreating horses; a former employee alleged that 30 animals had died of malnutrition. ... Read More


Court Tosses Wyoming Mustang Removal Appeal

October 13, 2016

Wyoming had been seeking the removal of wild horses from the state's Checkerboard area.... Read More


Wild Horse Sanctuary Herd Impounded

October 12, 2016

The impoundment is part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of horse maltreatment at the South Dakota facility.... Read More


Mustang Sanctuary President Denies Equine Neglect

October 04, 2016

A former sanctuary employee alleged that Karen Sussman maltreated horses and that 30 animals had died of malnutrition.... Read More


Przewalski's Horse Populations in Hungary

October 03, 2016

More than 310 of the world's 1,900 Przewalski's horses live in the breeding herd in Hungary's Hortobagy National Park. ... Read More


Emergency Wild Horse Gather Underway in Nevada

September 30, 2016

The BLM said it will remove up to 60 wild horses from Goshute HMA due to insufficient water sources. ... Read More