Gaited Horse

Research shows horse "gaitedness" (displaying a natural gait other than walk, trot, and canter) is likely related to genetics. Have you ever owned a gaited horse?


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I hav ridden paso finos and they are heavenly to ride!

6/23/2013 5:38:53 PM

mine has string halt!

6/23/2013 4:43:00 PM

Tennessee Walker

6/23/2013 5:13:03 AM

My horse is a TWH, but he doesn't gait

6/23/2013 4:30:31 AM

Love our Tennessee Walkers--easy on our hips!

6/23/2013 12:36:02 AM

I've owned and been riding TWH's for many years. Very much against 'big lick' & the suffering!

6/23/2013 12:27:08 AM

I own a TWH.

6/22/2013 6:56:21 PM

own 2 now

6/22/2013 9:48:58 AM

I once owned an Arab/Appaloosa that paced. Neither sire nor dam was gaited.

6/22/2013 9:39:36 AM

Owned three TWH geldings.

6/22/2013 8:37:56 AM

They are wonderful to ride.

6/22/2013 8:13:00 AM

i have never owned a gaited horse

6/22/2013 6:13:55 AM

I own two Icelandic Horses

6/22/2013 6:13:01 AM

And they're the most comfortable to ride, especially as you age.

6/22/2013 2:28:50 AM

why bounce when you can glide

6/22/2013 1:14:44 AM

Love my Ten Walker, pleasure/trail horse

6/22/2013 12:41:54 AM

most will have a gait

6/21/2013 10:27:21 PM

I had a paso fino crossed with haflinger and he was very gaited. He did the true paso gait!

6/21/2013 10:01:58 PM

classical dressage doesn't work well with gaited horses

6/21/2013 9:29:07 PM

An Appy cross mare who was phenominal!

6/21/2013 9:24:12 PM

Yes he is a Tennessee Walker.. Sold him because he was what they call a fast walker. Love him still.

6/21/2013 4:44:35 PM

Icelandic, Peruvian Paso

6/21/2013 4:14:14 PM

Love the Icelandics

6/21/2013 11:55:39 AM

Genetics and conformation (therefore, more genetics).

6/21/2013 10:12:57 AM


6/21/2013 10:01:31 AM

"Likely related" What else would be the cause? Conformation?

6/21/2013 9:55:09 AM

Absolutely love them

6/21/2013 9:42:45 AM

The gait is natural, and there is NEVER any excuse to exagerate it by damaging the horse's legs!!!

6/21/2013 9:19:12 AM

pacing in the harness horse industry is gaited

6/20/2013 11:28:28 PM

This is true'

6/20/2013 8:28:51 PM

A grandson of WING COMMANDER.

6/20/2013 8:03:31 PM

I have had several and currently have a TWH along with my TBs. The smooth ride is a nice change!

6/20/2013 7:03:59 PM

Mustangs seem to have a natural "gait"; very smooth.

6/20/2013 6:21:45 PM

Appaloosa who had a gait called the shuffle.

6/20/2013 6:21:05 PM

But I ride TWH & Paso Fino's all the time!

6/20/2013 6:16:08 PM

in the 1970's-TWH

6/20/2013 5:36:36 PM

I strongly prefer gaited horses.

6/20/2013 5:04:34 PM

once u go gaited u never go back

6/20/2013 5:04:11 PM


6/20/2013 4:49:53 PM

my big standardbred is a pacer

6/20/2013 3:46:58 PM

Saddlebred still has to be trained to display the gaits.

6/20/2013 12:14:35 PM

But I have had the opportunity to ride TWH, Saddlebreds, Icelandics, Paso Finos. All were different!

6/20/2013 9:43:01 AM

Paso Finos- once you have one, you never look back!

6/20/2013 8:37:27 AM

and he does a marvelous 1 stepper

6/20/2013 8:30:31 AM

ASB 5-gaited - a blast to ride!

6/20/2013 7:49:43 AM

I have also seen it as an "outcropping" in lines no known to produce gates, eg in TBs.

6/20/2013 1:14:52 AM

"Trot Mare,Trot Foal".

6/19/2013 11:06:13 PM

I own two right now

6/19/2013 11:02:59 PM


6/19/2013 10:08:40 PM

Have 3 MFT

6/19/2013 10:05:53 PM

but ive lessoned with a gaited horse and it appaers that both his parents were also gaited.

6/19/2013 7:05:16 PM

Daughter had a Tenn. Walker, but I never rode her.Wonderful disposition. Was struck by lightning.Sad

6/19/2013 7:04:32 PM

All gaited horses now & they all have different gaits, not even sure what they are, but all comfy

6/19/2013 6:57:28 PM

They are amazing.

6/19/2013 6:16:54 PM

I have 4 gaited horses 2 TWHs, 1 TWH/SSH, 1 SSH mare

6/19/2013 6:05:16 PM

We own 2 Marsh Tackies (Spanish Colonial) with an established gait known as the Swamp Fox Trot.

6/19/2013 5:50:47 PM

Rocky Mountain Horse-absolute joy to ride and play with!

6/19/2013 4:45:01 PM

I do coach a group of students who own Peruvian Paso horses

6/19/2013 4:40:51 PM

Tennessee Walkers have a four beat gait which is smooth and easy to ride.

6/19/2013 1:39:34 PM

I have a paso fino/appy cross. He does not gait but is a smoother ride than his full appy mother.

6/19/2013 1:22:52 PM

Gaited horses are awesome! I will not go back to trotting horses again!

6/19/2013 11:30:48 AM

I have had five gaited horses in my riding years. They all have been wonderful to ride

6/19/2013 11:20:39 AM

I currently own an Icelandic. Love the tolt and the flying pace.

6/19/2013 9:25:41 AM

Be wary of a bad fitting saddle.

6/19/2013 8:46:33 AM

Saddlebreds are the best!

6/19/2013 8:33:19 AM

Gaited horses are all I have ever riden or care to ride!

6/19/2013 7:04:59 AM

dont like to post and a gait is more comfortable for these 56 y/o bones

6/19/2013 6:31:51 AM

TWH and cross TWH

6/19/2013 2:44:19 AM

a Peruvian Paso

6/19/2013 2:30:22 AM

I have a five gaited Morgan

6/19/2013 2:07:52 AM

Peruvian Paso

6/19/2013 1:59:21 AM

Standardbred Pacer exracer

6/19/2013 12:54:39 AM

Prefer gaited horses

6/19/2013 12:44:45 AM

I owned a horse that naturally paced in certain circumstances.

6/19/2013 12:38:19 AM

I was blessed to have my first mare, a Tennessee Walker. Now 14 yrs. later I own 2 more TWH geldin

6/19/2013 12:21:07 AM

I sure would like to get one, I've heard they are great for back patients. They are so expensive, sa

6/18/2013 11:59:58 PM

I bought it for resale. would buy one again.

6/18/2013 11:57:55 PM

Peruvian pasos have a range of gaits and seems to be related to their looseness and flexibility.

6/18/2013 11:54:17 PM

I currently own 2 TWHs,one 15.2 and the other 17+. I love them and theyre very different.

6/18/2013 11:10:53 PM

my first horse was half Tennesee Walking horse, He did Single foot plus WTand C

6/18/2013 10:49:35 PM

I LOVE my Paso Fino mare, Never. She is gentle, dependable and kind. A real sweet girl.

6/18/2013 10:01:02 PM


6/18/2013 9:52:37 PM

Who knows who his grandparents were....

6/18/2013 9:39:07 PM

My TWH is the Best! Can

6/18/2013 9:34:00 PM

Two horses of mine were gaited although not trained in this.

6/18/2013 9:15:25 PM

Our first little $200 pony started gaiting when she wanted to go home from a trail ride!

6/18/2013 9:10:54 PM

1/2 QH 1/2 TWH - walked,trotted,cantered mostly, sometimes paced. At 21yo went into running walk!!!

6/18/2013 9:09:13 PM

5 gaited American Saddlebred, truly 5 gaited, no pacing, gaitedness came from dams side.

6/18/2013 8:55:20 PM

gaited horses are good tempered, willing, safe rides

6/18/2013 8:44:03 PM

Had a mustang with an extra gait and some draft horse in him.

6/18/2013 8:15:04 PM

Yes, and I plan on owning more,

6/18/2013 8:11:35 PM

After 30 years, First time ever and I love the Gaited Breeds!!

6/18/2013 7:56:11 PM

Actually, my sister & parents own Paso Finos! - The Creme de la creme of gaited horses!

6/18/2013 7:28:16 PM

I own and raise Tennessee Walking Horse. I love them and their gait-it strengthens your back.!

6/18/2013 7:04:39 PM

I have 3 T W H and love them all.

6/18/2013 6:58:08 PM


6/18/2013 6:52:51 PM

I have owned a Tennessee Walker for 13 years. She has a really nice trot and she can rack too!

6/18/2013 6:30:29 PM

I own a Peruvian. The gait is 100% natural.

6/18/2013 6:27:20 PM

He was a natural and had no training for his gait but it was super comfortable and groundcovering.

6/18/2013 6:21:00 PM

Mangalarga marchador

6/18/2013 6:11:10 PM

2 paso finos

6/18/2013 6:05:39 PM


6/18/2013 6:02:08 PM

Half Tennessee Walker that had great gaits

6/18/2013 5:43:13 PM

3 all showed their gaited before any training. All 3 are also barefoot and under saddle.

6/18/2013 5:39:10 PM

Tennessee Walkers (flat shod) & Peruvian Paso

6/18/2013 5:36:54 PM

Of the 4 I owned, 1 was not a breed known for being gaited.

6/18/2013 5:15:18 PM

Owned a TWH for a brief time. His running walk was fun to ride.

6/18/2013 5:12:52 PM

Tennessee Walking Horses - so smooth it's like walking on air!

6/18/2013 5:12:20 PM

a standard bred - and boy could he jump !

6/18/2013 5:08:21 PM

Bought a gelding that was supposed to be a quarter horse/American paint

6/18/2013 5:00:44 PM

I've always had Quarter Horses

6/18/2013 4:47:47 PM

Owned a champagne TWH mare for a few years. Sold her after I got into Minis...

6/18/2013 4:46:17 PM

Love him...he is soooo smooth!

6/18/2013 4:42:35 PM

Have seen my Appy X pacing. Most exciting !

6/18/2013 4:24:22 PM

a wonderful standarbred pacer

6/18/2013 4:13:36 PM

My childhood horse was a Tennessee Walker and I now have a Missouri Fox Trotter.

6/18/2013 4:12:34 PM

Only Paints. My favorite breed and none were gaited.

6/18/2013 3:59:09 PM

National Show Horse 5 gaited!

6/18/2013 3:34:13 PM

I have a TW/Perch and a Kentucky Mt. Couldn't ask for a smoother ride.

6/18/2013 12:43:10 PM

No, but I'd like to some time!

6/18/2013 10:37:26 AM

Have never had a gaited horse, but am thinking about getting one for my old-age riding.

6/18/2013 10:35:37 AM

Not strictly a gaited horse, but my late Arabian would single-foot or even rack!

6/18/2013 10:10:29 AM

Great to ride!!

6/18/2013 9:38:30 AM

I have a gaited Morgan-x mare.

6/18/2013 9:08:21 AM

I did have a nice Tennessee Walker in training for a while however.

6/18/2013 8:30:33 AM

I have owned up to 28 Peruvians now just 7

6/18/2013 8:23:51 AM

only way to ride for us older folks !!

6/18/2013 7:58:43 AM

not yet

6/18/2013 2:03:43 AM

I love my Peruvian Pasos

6/18/2013 12:49:29 AM

I love her!

6/17/2013 11:52:42 PM

my arabian has an ambling type gait, in addition to the walk, trot and canter

6/17/2013 11:49:11 PM

paced instead of gaited. didn't know how to train it so sold her.

6/17/2013 11:32:58 PM

Gaited horses no interest to me as I breed showjumpers. When will the barbaric soring get banned?

6/17/2013 11:31:46 PM

My gaited Morgan was bred for gait. Love it!!

6/17/2013 11:03:24 PM

Haflinger: walk, trot, canter, gallop, & "I do this"

6/17/2013 10:47:32 PM

Full and half reds have all shown gaitedness,Saddlebreds

6/17/2013 10:43:02 PM

gaited mustang

6/17/2013 10:31:06 PM

in Spanish. Paso Fino Peruano

6/17/2013 8:31:56 PM

Owned and bred TWH's since 1972. Had Arabs, QH's, and Thoroughbreds and none came close to TWH's!

6/17/2013 8:20:04 PM

Missouri Foxtrooters (2)

6/17/2013 7:54:36 PM

I've had Missouri Fox Trotters for 28 yrs

6/17/2013 7:31:44 PM

own 3Peruvian Pasos and love them - looking for a gaited Arab

6/17/2013 7:09:10 PM

I own Foxtrotters and it is for certain genetics. Ev

6/17/2013 7:09:03 PM

Yes--we trail ride and and have aging bodies, so we are very thankful for the glide of our horses.

6/17/2013 7:04:11 PM

HAve 4 gaited horses now - Cadillac rides!

6/17/2013 6:51:00 PM

It was an Arabian.

6/17/2013 6:50:38 PM

Standardbred, propensity for pacing, don't think it was natural as she learned how not to pace

6/17/2013 6:45:41 PM

wonderful trail riding!

6/17/2013 6:40:09 PM

a gaited Arab

6/17/2013 6:38:33 PM

My QHxTW never gaited

6/17/2013 6:27:45 PM

A Tennessee Walker - she's almost 27!

6/17/2013 6:07:15 PM

He was 4 gaited Icelandic horse.

6/17/2013 6:03:42 PM

Peruvian Paso is the way to go!

6/17/2013 5:58:43 PM


6/17/2013 5:52:44 PM

So easy on the back

6/17/2013 5:35:35 PM

Mustangs pace.

6/17/2013 5:23:35 PM

After owning a Pasofino, I would never own any other breed of horse. BettyE.

6/17/2013 5:17:07 PM

researchers are correct

6/17/2013 5:13:34 PM


6/17/2013 4:54:56 PM

Have never had the pleasure, but would like to ride one.

6/17/2013 4:54:29 PM

My mustang descendents were natural with a paso type gait

6/17/2013 4:53:01 PM

unregistered TWH/ Racking mare with slow gait and rack

6/17/2013 4:30:54 PM

Really? Natural? Then why are horses subjected to abuses to make them gait???

6/17/2013 3:55:36 PM

Missouri Fox Trotter

6/17/2013 3:36:48 PM

oddly, an Arab/thoroughbred had a very comfortable gait between trot &canter very comfortable!

6/17/2013 2:43:30 PM

I love my Paso Fino. The most comfortable horse I have ever ridden

6/17/2013 2:11:16 PM

Owned since 2004.have 4 now.Love them.

6/17/2013 1:31:05 PM

I own 2 gaited horses that I love.

6/17/2013 9:02:31 AM

I have a twh along with the walks she racks trots and paces .

6/17/2013 8:04:39 AM


6/17/2013 4:22:44 AM

great ride on gaited horses !

6/17/2013 12:52:52 AM