D.J. Carey Lyons

D.J. Carey Lyons is a lifelong resident of Chester County, Pa. She also has written for USDF Connection, Practical Horseman, Equine Images, and Dressage & CT.

Articles by D.J. Carey Lyons

Help Your Horse Beat the Heat

As tough as steamy summers can be on humans, they can be even harder on horses. Read More

Senior Horse Care Strategies

Aging for horses means strength and flexibility diminish, as well as the body's ability to handle infection. Read More

Equine Dentistry: Beyond the Basics

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Keeping the Big Guys Healthy

Caring for draft horses involves both physiological and logistical challenges. Read More

An Unwanted Impact

A look at how and where impaction colic happens and what measures might reduce a horse's risk. Read More

Maximizing Mini Health

Miniature Horses might be small, but their health needs are just as sizable as their full-sized counterparts. Read More

Seasonal Skin Conditions Part 1: Spring Skin Woes

Horses are at risk for season-related skin problems stemming from insects, allergies, and bacteria. Read More

Post-Surgery Prognosis in Horses

When a horse needs surgery, what's his prognosis for a full recovery? What problems can occur during recovery? Read More