Counterfeit Equine Anemia Drug Surfaces in Canada

Bioniche Life Sciences Inc., a research-based Canadian biopharmaceutical company, announced Thursday (Sept. 20) that one of its equine products--Hippirontm 1000--has been counterfeited, and was being sold via an Internet website. Regulatory authorities and veterinarian customers have been advised of this situation, along with the elements of the counterfeited product that easily distinguish it from legitimate Hippirontm 1000.

Hippirontm 1000 is an iron-sucrose product for horses that is administered via intravenous injection. The product, sold only to veterinarians, is used to treat equine anemia, or an iron deficiency. The product has been registered with Health Canada and meets all regulatory guidelines for manufacture, testing, and quality assurance, and more than one million doses have been administered to horses since the product was launched with no adverse reactions reported.

"Bioniche is working with the investigating authorities to ensure that no damage results from this counterfeit version of our product," said Andrew Grant, president of Bioniche Animal Health (Global). "This type of illegal activity cannot be tolerated. Bioniche invests heavily in quality control measures to ensure that only high quality, regulatory compliant products are sold to veterinarians." Bioniche plans to prosecute any individual involved in the manufacturing, marketing, and/or labeling of counterfeited product."

Any veterinarians or veterinary clients with questions about the integrity of the Hippirontm 1000 in their possession should contact Duncan Hockley, DVM, director of veterinary services for Bioniche Animal Health at 800/265-5464, ext. 1403, or

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