Any Headshaking Articles?

Q: I own a 7-year-old appendix Quarter Horse that I have competed successfully on the Quarter Horse circuit at the national level. Early last fall, this horse began severely shaking or nodding his head at times. It usually was triggered by flies or gnats, but seems to have gotten worse. My veterinarian has diagnosed this as "head shaker syndrome." She told me that several articles have been written about this condition, although I have not found any online. I was wondering if you could assist me in finding some online articles about this condition?


A: There have been several articles in The Horse about headshaking, all of which can be found in our Headshaking in Horses article category. The most recent one at the time of this writing, Headshaking Triggers and Treatment, is an excellent summary of the condition including seasonal and other triggers of this behavior, equipment that may help minimize it, and other therapies that can help control it.

Good luck with your horse!

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