First Pour-On Fly Repellent

With external pests being a considerable problem this year, owners are looking for any means to prevent attacks by flies and other insects. Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced a pour-on insecticide available only through your veterinarian. Called Buzz Off, this insecticide is touted as controlling horn, stable, deer, and horse flies at a fairly high rate for up to two or more weeks with one application, according to efficacy control information. (High-density insect areas will require more frequent applications.) Buzz Off also works on lice and ticks, and aids in control of horse flies, mosquitoes, and black flies. Buzz Off can be used as a premises spray with a mist sprayer, and can be sprayed on horses or used as a wipe on.

The active ingredient of Buzz Off is permethrin. After the oil-based product is poured onto the horseâs topline (avoiding face and eyes), over a period of about 24 hours it spreads protection across the horseâs body, even to the face and legs. This is not a systemic insecticide (it does not penetrate the skin and work from the inside out like small animal spot-on tick and flea products). Instead, it uses the horseâs natural oils and skin movement to coat the animal and provide protection.

Because of the potency of this product, the label warns against humans getting the product on their skin or inhaling it over a prolonged period. For more information contact Boehringer Ingelheim customer service at 800/325-9167 or ask your veterinarian.

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Kimberly S. Brown

Kimberly S. Brown was the Publisher/Editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care from June 2008 to March 2010, and she served in various positions at Blood-Horse Publications since 1980.

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