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Electrolyte Primer

Not every horse needs electrolytes to regulate water content in the body, but some do. Here's what to consider. Read More

The Good Ride

Don't load your horse onto the trailer before understanding exactly what he's getting into. Read More

Equitarianism Takes Off

Vets across the globe are working together to improve health care and living conditions for working equids. Read More

Keeping Your Horse Farm Afloat

Set up a communications plan to help your farm or business survive in the event of a disaster. Read More

Crisis Communication Planning Resources for Equestrians

A catastrophic occurrence can cause nearly irreparable damage to a horse business, event, or brand. Read More

Carriage Horse Controversy Causes Veterinarian's Suspension

An ASPCA veterinarian was suspended without pay after providing conflicting information to media outlets. Read More

The War Against Weeds

When it comes to pasture weed control, an ounce of prevention is worth hours of back-breaking cure. Read More

Chicago Museum Next To Host 'The Horse' Exhibit

Chicagoans and guests to the Midwest can marvel over the history and development of our modern world courtesy of "The Horse," an interactive exhibit at The Field Museum through Aug. 14. The exhibit allows visitors to view Read More

The Science Of Saddle Fit

A saddle can either encourage comfortable movement and clear communication between rider and horse, or it can result in discomfort and behavioral problems. Evaluating a saddle's fit requires an understanding of saddle construction Read More

HERDA: Preventing The Heartbreak

Part 3: Robin Davison "did everything right" when she bought her registered Paint mare Quality Sensation (aka Penelope), including scheduling a prepurchase exam. Penelope's HERDA was undiagnosed then, but Davison says in hindsight there were signs Read More

Chicago Reviewing Change To Carriage Horse Laws

Chicago's regulations governing horse carriage operation are currently under review, with a public comment period extending to Dec. 8.

Read More

HERDA: A Daily Struggle

Horses afflicted with the skin disease hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia (HERDA, also called hyperelastosis cutis or HC) can develop external lesions from a variety of environmental factors. This includes everything from sunlight to co Read More

When HERDA Strikes

A diagnosis of hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia (HERDA), or hyperelastosis cutis (HC), is frequently a grim one for horse owners. The hereditary skin disease that affects some stock horse breeds can result in isolation and skin lesions for Read More

Choosing Horse Supplements: a Miracle in a Bottle

Owners should selet and administer their horses' supplements with care. Read More

NYC Carriage Law Addresses Equine Conditions

New York City carriage drivers will receive their first fare increase in more than 20 years through a new law passed recently. However, some feel it hasn’t gone far enough in improving conditions for the horses.

"The ASPCA Read More

Hit the Road (Trailer Maintenance)

Teaching a horse to load like a champ is an oft-covered topic, but have you considered whether you're starting with an enclosure that's safe and pleasant for both horse and human? By maintaining your trailer properly Read More

Hit the Road (Trailer Maintenance)

Teaching a horse to load like a champ is an oft-covered topic, but have you considered whether you're starting with an enclosure that's safe and pleasant for both horse and human? By maintaining your trailer properly Read More

New York Carriage Horse Welfare Under Scrutiny

Amendments to improve care for New York's hard-working carriage horses were reviewed at a Feb. 3 NYC Health Department public hearing.

The NYC Administrative and Health Codes guide the health, safety, and well-being of the city&# Read More

Horses Up For Adoption After Neglect Case, Foreclosure

Unexpected guests often drop in over the holidays, but what if your drop-ins were an entire herd of Quarter Horses?

That’s what happened to Falmouth, Ky., equine rescue facility Speak Up For Horses, when 48 mares, stallions, an Read More

NYC Carriage Company Asked to Vacate Stables

One of New York's carriage companies is seeking new stables for nearly 30 horses during their busiest time of the year. The reason? Urban development.

Eric Bederman, press secretary for the NYC Department of Housing Preservatio Read More

NYC Carriage Horse Audit Pushes for Licensing, Inspections

New York City's 203 carriage horses could be better monitored by city agencies, according to a follow-up audit report recently issued by the office Read More

Guilty Verdict Returned in Chicago Carriage Horse Trial

Two of three Chicago carriage horse drivers were convicted on misdemeanor counts of animal neglect on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

Michele Goudie, manager and co-owner of J.C. Cutters Ltd., and carriage driver Melissa Woicek received guilty verdict Read More

Secondhand Tack and Disease

Don't bring a disease home to your horses when buying used tack or even sharing equipment with your friends. Read More

Chicago Carriage Horses' Day in Court Delayed by Budget Crunch

The carriage horse seizure case involving J.C. Cutters Ltd. has been continued once more. This time it was due to a City of Chicago budget-related mandatory work furlough day for all non-essential city employees on Aug. 17.

"The new trial Read More

Boston Police Horses Relocated After Budget Cuts

The horses of the Boston Police Department Mounted Unit disappeared from Boston's streets as of June 30, the end of the fiscal year. The 12 horses fell victim to budgetary cutbacks needed to bridge a $20 million shortfall and avoid layoffs of Read More