Tracy Gantz

Tracy Gantz is a freelance writer based in Southern California. She is the Southern California correspondent for The Blood-Horse and a regular contributor to Paint Horse Journal, Paint Racing News, and Appaloosa Journal.

Articles by Tracy Gantz

Sesamoid Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

These little bones can cause big problems for horses. Read More

Getting a Second Wind: Helping Equine Athletes Breathe

Are breathing issues slowing your horse down? Here are some surgical and management options that might help. Read More

How to Handle Wild Animal Encounters With Your Horse

Before you hit the trail, make sure both you and your horse are prepared for any wildlife encounters that might occur. Read More

Detecting Upper Body Issues

Learn about less common but more difficult to diagnose upper body lamenesses. Read More

Preventing Disease Spread This Show Season

Remember these three core biosecurity steps to help keep your horses as well as your fellow competitors' horses healthy. Read More

Horse Foot Bruises

Learn how to treat and prevent common stone bruises in your horse's hooves. Read More

Taking a Bite Out of Cribbing

Find out what researchers have learned in recent years about this annoying and destructive habit. Read More

Caring for the Disciplines: Racing

It takes careful conditioning and management to keep racehorses in tip-top shape. Here's how vets and trainers do it. Read More

Diagnosing Equine Lameness Early

What do you do when your horse isn't moving quite right? Here's a look at how to diagnose lamenesses early. Read More

Choosing the Right Equine Veterinarian

Consider these nine qualities when choosing an equine veterinarian. Read More

Del Mar Shifts Races Off Turf after Breakdowns

Del Mar moved the races to its main track Sunday following four breakdowns on the turf course since July 17. Read More

Racehorse Drug Policies Questioned at HBPA Convention

Some attendees suggested questionable studies might be the basis for some medication policies. Read More

CHRB Sudden Horse Death Report Released

The report concluded the cluster of sudden deaths from Bob Baffert's barn had no single, identifiable cause. Read More

Lameness Head to Foot, Part 1: Lower Limbs

Learn how veterinarians get to the bottom of lower-limb problems in the first of this two-part series. Read More

Bitting Problems and Your Horse

Evaluate dental health and bit suitability to determine if your bit could be causing training issues. Read More

Zenyatta Statue Unveiled at Santa Anita Park

The statue was unveiled at noon on Sept. 29. Crowds gathered to see the life-sized bronze sculpture. Read More

Caring for the Disciplines, Part 3: Trail and Endurance

Attention to conditioning and minimizing wear and tear can help horses stay on the trail for years to come. Read More

Caring for the Disciplines, Part 2: English Sport Horses

Manage eventers, dressage horses, and hunter/jumpers carefully to avoid soft tissue injury and lameness. Read More

Caring for the Disciplines: Western Performance

Champion Western riders succeed through careful selection and management of their horses. Read More

Horse Adoption: The Transition Period

After completing the adoption process and bringing your new charge home, help him adjust to his new surroundin Read More

Santa Anita Dirt Track to Undergo Renovation

Forty horses were removed from the new dirt track by ambulance during the Dec. 26-April 17 race meeting. Read More

The Fight to Conquer Equine Laminitis

Teams of veterinarians and farriers from around the country gathered at the fifth International Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot to discuss the most cutting-edge information available for the fight to conquer laminitis. Read More

In-Shoe Force Measurements Help Farriers Address Hoof Balance

The concept of a balanced foot can be subjective, but farriers are now using technological advances to take some of the guesswork out of the process. Patrick T. Reilly, chief of farrier services at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center, Read More

Early EMS Diagnosis and Treatment Minimize Effects

Horses with equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) are at a higher risk for laminitis than the average horse, but veterinarians are learning more about diagnosing EMS early and minimizing its effects, including laminitis. Read More

Applying Laminitis Research to Clinical Practice

Seeing the forest for the trees with regards to laminitis can be difficult because researchers are approaching the problem from many different angles, often at the molecular level. At the Sept. 17-18 Laminitis West Conference in Monterey, Calif., Read More