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Adoptable Horses

Listing Horse Name Gender Breed Color Height State Foaled Posted
experienced level headed ex-fox hunter Deacon Gelding Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown NY 7/12/1972 11/22/2014
Possible show prospect/riding horse Ella Bella Bear Mare Thoroughbred Bay 17 hh WV 1/1/2009 11/22/2014
19 year old Mare needs Home Lara Mare American Saddlebred Bay 15.2 hh NC 1/1/1995 11/22/2014
Friendly Giant Duncan Gelding Holsteiner Bay 17.3 hh NY 1/1/2007 11/21/2014
TB Companion Charlie's Rascal Gelding Thoroughbred Gray/Roan IL 5/26/1987 11/21/2014
Saddlebred Mare Kobi Mare American Saddlebred Chestnut IL 1/1/1992 11/21/2014
Little roan mare Kido Mare Other Gray/Roan 14.2 hh IL 1/1/1987 11/21/2014
horse free to good home Snow White Mare Standardbred Palomino 15.1 hh NY 4/21/1997 11/21/2014
TB Mare needs a good home Maybell Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh NC 3/2/1986 11/20/2014
Free Standardbred gelding Towners Wildcat Gelding Standardbred Bay 16.1 hh OH 3/20/2002 11/17/2014
Looking for a good home Ana Rose Mare Other Gray/Roan 15 hh GA 11/16/2005 11/16/2014
Free to good home only~grade horse Thorne Mare Other Other 15.1 hh NY 1/1/1999 11/15/2014
Free to good home only~grade horse Rocky Gelding Appaloosa White 16 hh NY 1/1/1989 11/15/2014
Quarter Horse Free To Good Home Cinnamaker Mare Other Bay 15.2 hh NY 1/1/1988 11/15/2014
Hann/Tb mare Abigale Mare Hanoverian Bay 16.2 hh MI 5/1/2000 11/14/2014
Gentle, 20 yr. old, Paint Mare Cammie Mare American Paint Horse Other 15.3 hh NC 4/15/1994 11/14/2014
super sweet Captain Stallion Other Chestnut 14- hh KS 4/1/2015 11/13/2014
9yo QH mare free Dandy Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.1 hh CT 11/13/2005 11/12/2014
Companion or E.T. mare Luna Pier Mare Standardbred Bay 15.2 hh NJ 2/22/2009 11/11/2014
Absolutely Gorgeous TB Gelding Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 16.3 hh KY 1/1/2005 11/11/2014
Miniature Mule Donkee Gelding Other White 14- hh GA 1/25/2002 11/10/2014
Free to good home Princess Mare Racking horse Chestnut 14.2 hh TN 1/15/1993 11/10/2014
6yo RPSI Gelding - Companion Only Geneva Gelding American Warmblood Chestnut 16.3 hh FL 5/8/2008 11/9/2014
6 yo Arabian Savannah Mare Arabian Bay 14.3 hh WA 6/26/2008 11/8/2014
Quarter horse must go! JoAnn Mare American Quarter Horse Bay 14.3 hh TN 9/19/2009 11/8/2014
Andalusian gelding must go! Aubrey Gelding Andalusian White 15.1 hh TN 12/25/2000 11/8/2014
Oldenburg must go! Ally Mare Oldenburg Dark Bay/Brown 17.3 hh TN 3/13/2001 11/8/2014
Very Sweet QH Mare to Great Home Cheyenne Mare American Quarter Horse Black TX 12/1/2001 11/6/2014
Thoroughbred Filly, free to good home Beauty Filly Thoroughbred Bay 14.3 hh CT 5/1/1999 11/4/2014
Registered TB Gelding Three Card Trick/ AKA Mojo Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16.2 hh CO 5/5/1998 11/4/2014
Mustang gelding Lucky Gelding Mustang Chestnut 14.2 hh FL 11/4/2014 11/3/2014
Free Warmblood to a Good Home Vermillion Mare Belgian Warmblood Chestnut 16.2 hh NC 1/1/1998 11/3/2014
Sweet, TB Gelding Toby Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 17 hh CA 1/1/1996 10/29/2014
20 yr Old TW Mare Needs a Place to Pick Katie Dailey Mare Tennessee Walking Horse Chestnut 15.1 hh KY 10/1/1994 10/27/2014
BEAUTIFUL BAY THOROUGHBRED FILLY MARTINA Filly Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh RI 2/28/2012 10/26/2014
Sweet QH Gelding Trigger Gelding American Quarter Horse Other IL 1/1/1986 10/24/2014
Paint pony Daisy Mare American Paint Horse Chestnut 14- hh NY 1/1/1998 10/23/2014
QH Palomino Mare Bars Bita Honey Mare American Quarter Horse Palomino NC 1/1/1994 10/23/2014
Registered Paint D.C (Dangerous Choice) Gelding Other Other 15.1 hh GA 1/1/1991 10/23/2014
Sweet Gelding loves attention Oscar Gelding Hanoverian Bay 16.2 hh PA 1/1/1995 10/22/2014
Free Lease Misty Mare Other Chestnut 14.1 hh VA 4/15/2005 10/20/2014
Registered Anglo Arabian mare Firefly Mare Anglo-Arabian Bay 15.3 hh NM 3/3/2001 10/20/2014
Pony looking for forever home April Mare American Quarter Horse Other 14- hh VA 1/1/1993 10/19/2014
Great Companion Gelding Exmore Gelding Standardbred Dark Bay/Brown 16.1 hh NJ 5/1/1998 10/16/2014
Walker/Quarter Stallion Shadow Stallion Tennessee Walking Horse Black 14 hh KY 10/17/2014 10/16/2014
Warmblood Schoolmaster free to good home Major Gelding Holsteiner Bay 17 hh NJ 1/1/1996 10/15/2014
15 year old Morgan cross Mare Haley Mare Morgan Chestnut 14.3 hh CT 5/1/1999 10/14/2014
GORGEOUS broodmare Grace Mare Thoroughbred Gray/Roan 16.3 hh NJ 3/1/2005 10/12/2014
Sweet Quarter horse mare pilula Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15 hh PA 10/12/2000 10/10/2014
Reg Chestnut Mare For Ohh One Kay (Kay) Mare Thoroughbred Chestnut 16 hh WA 2/22/2004 10/8/2014

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