10 Equine Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Resources

10 Equine Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Resources

Rehabilitation and reconditioning often starts with walking the horse either in-hand or under tack.

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It’s no secret: Horses are accident prone. As a result, most owners will deal with an injured horse at some point. There’s an art to rehabilitating and reconditioning horses that can be daunting to those taking the task on, but don’t worry … we’re here to help.

Here are 10 resources on rehabilitating and reconditioning horses available to you for free on TheHorse.com.

For more information, search “rehabilitation” or “conditioning” on TheHorse.com.

ARTICLE: Reconditioning After Layup Whether your horse has downtime for an injury or just a much-needed vacation, how you bring him back can dictate his eventual competitive success. Here’s how to safely bring your horse back to peak condition. Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Basic Principles of Conditioning Whether your horse has had a vacation or time off due to an injury, you’ve got to start reconditioning somewhere. Learn how to safely take your horse from flabby to fit step-by-step with our visual guide. View Now

ARTICLE: House Arrest: Your Horse on Stall Rest Stall rest can be anything but restful for horse and owner alike. Here's how to achieve the best possible outcome. Read More

VIDEO: How to Make Your Horse’s Stall Safer Often times, rehabilitation includes short or long periods of stall rest. Is his current box up to the task? Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji discusses how you can build a safe stall for horses or make an existing stall safer. Watch Now

ARTICLE: Rehabilitation Exercises from the Ground When a horse suffers a musculoskeletal injury, the following events typically include a diagnosis, treatment, and return to soundness. To make a full athletic recovery, however, affected horses might benefit from specific forms of rehabilitation that restore function to the back's deep stabilizing muscles. Here’s how to help your horse. Read More

BLOG: Young Horse Rehab: Cat Toys and Hill Work Managing Editor Alexandra describes her experiences with getting the green light to bring her 4-year-old back into work after several months off due to the mare not feeling quite right. Share Your Thoughts

ARTICLE: Rehabilitating Horses with Back Problems

Horses can suffer musculoskeletal pain and injuries anywhere along the axial skeleton that comprises the skull, vertebral column, sternum, and ribs. Bringing these horses back to form post-injury can be difficult and time-consuming but possible thanks to both time-tested mobilization exercises and cutting-edge physical therapy techniques. Read More

BLOG: Rehabilitating Senior Horses from Injuries In older horses, with an injury diagnosis often comes some serious consideration about that horse's future. While a year's recovery from injury is a significant speed bump in a younger horse's competitive career, such a recovery carries many questions with it for a senior horse owner or rider—one of the most important being is it worth bringing an aging horse back to work after a serious or slow-healing injury. Share Your Thoughts

PODCAST: Conditioning Horses for Peak Performance It’s time to start planning your horse's fitness program. Whether you're headed to horse shows or trail rides, or bringing your horse back to work following a period of rest, learn how to get your horse riding ready. Listen Now

ARTICLE: The Science Behind Rehab Therapy In the right hands, these physical therapy methods can help rehabilitate injured horses. Read More


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