Abuse & Neglect News


Philadelphia Bill would Regulate Inner-City Horse Keeping

December 18, 2012

The proposed ordinance would regulate various aspects of horse keeping in the city.... Read More


Owner Charged in Washington Equine Cruelty Case

December 17, 2012

A Washington state man is facing charges in connection with the alleged maltreatment of 39 horses.... Read More


Montana Rancher Sentenced in Horse Cruelty Case

December 17, 2012

James H. Leachman was sentenced to pay $5,000 in fines and to serve five consecutive years in jail.... Read More


Texas Man Sought in Horse Dragging Case

December 10, 2012

A Bastrop County man allegedly dragged a horse 100 yards down an asphalt road with his truck.... Read More


Minnesota Authorities Remove More Than 50 Horses

December 05, 2012

Fifty-five allegedly neglected horses, ponies, and donkeys were removed by authorities last week.... Read More


Arizona Train, Trailer Collision Kills Horses

November 13, 2012

The truck's driver said he did not see the oncoming train due to the presence of ice on his vehicle's windows.... Read More


Nearly 200 Miniature Horses Seized in Oregon Cruelty Case

November 12, 2012

The horses will be sold in December and buyers must agree to provide minimum appropriate care for the animals.... Read More


Training Program Aims to Improve Irish Horse Welfare

October 23, 2012

The training taught attendees how to accurately assess the welfare state of and care for seized horses.... Read More


Reward Offered for Information on Northstar's Attack

October 22, 2012

Northstar was grazing in his pasture when someone doused him with an unknown accelerant and set him on fire.... Read More


Would-be Horse Advocates Charged with Trespassing

October 17, 2012

The women allegedly trespassed onto private property to check on horses they suspected were being maltreated.... Read More


Equine Cruelty Investigations

October 01, 2012

Vets and animal welfare organizations teach law officers how to recognize signs of equine neglect.... Read More


Burned Pennsylvania Horse Receiving Treatment at OSU

September 20, 2012

The horse arrived at The Ohio State University on Sept. 5 after being burned in his pasture on Aug. 26.... Read More


Reward Offered in Chicago Police Horse Injury Case

September 20, 2012

Police offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.... Read More


Chicago Police Horses Injured in Break-In

September 18, 2012

The two injured horses have been treated and are recovering from the Sept. 16 incident.... Read More


Texan Charged in Donkey Death

July 09, 2012

A Texas man is facing a charge in connection with the death of a donkey discovered hanging by its neck.... Read More


Georgia Couple Sentenced in Cruelty Case

December 03, 2011

The pair will serve probation and pay fines in connection with allegedly maltreating 41 horses.... Read More


Georgia Woman Pleads No Contest to Cruelty Charges

November 23, 2011

A Georgia woman has pleaded no contest to charges connected with the alleged maltreatment of 41 horses .... Read More


New York Bill Would Make Horse Abuse a Felony

November 09, 2011

The bill would make it a felony to maltreat a horse used for recreation or those being rehabilitated.... Read More


N.Y. Bill Would Create Statewide Cruelty Convict Registry

November 08, 2011

Convicted animal cruelty offenders would be required to register with a statewide animal cruelty database.... Read More


Not Guilty Plea Entered in New York Cruelty Case

November 04, 2011

A woman accused of maltreating horses on her Saratoga County property has pleaded not guilty to the charges.... Read More


California Rancher Faces 70 Animal Cruelty Charges

November 02, 2011

Dwight Bennett allegedly starved more than 50 horses on his ranch; Faces 70 counts of animal cruelty. ... Read More


Indiana Thoroughbred Trainer Handed 10-Year Abuse Suspension

October 31, 2011

Janey Adams is fighting a 10-year suspension resulting from the alleged maltreatment of a horse in her care.... Read More


Rancher Convicted on Mustang Cruelty Charges Paroled

October 30, 2011

Jason Meduna, who was convicted on multiple felony animal cruelty counts, has been granted parole.... Read More


California Man Charged in Animal Cruelty Case

October 28, 2011

A California man is facing cruelty charges in connection with the alleged maltreatment of more than 50 horses.... Read More


Florida Thoroughbred Found Butchered

October 25, 2011

A Thoroughbred horse was discovered butchered alongside a road in northwest Miami-Dade County, Fla., Oct. 20.... Read More