New Year's Resolutions

Do you have a horse-related New Year's resolution for 2014? Tell us about it!


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ride more

1/6/2014 9:37:45 PM

Ride more!

1/6/2014 9:23:35 PM

Keep riding to keep him going.

1/6/2014 7:35:33 PM

I have resolved to convince my mother to let me have a horse, no matter what it takes

1/6/2014 5:24:53 PM

Not to feed any GMO corn, soy, sugar beet and alfalfa to my horses!

1/6/2014 5:12:57 PM

To finish what I have started with my OTTB.

1/5/2014 6:53:47 PM

Simply riding more often.

1/5/2014 5:02:31 PM

Tobe able to move on from the loss of my heart horse and fairly treat my new horse w/o expectations

1/5/2014 4:24:58 PM

ride more

1/5/2014 2:22:10 PM

I plan to restore the riding path near my home.

1/5/2014 12:36:35 PM

Ride more...bkd

1/5/2014 11:23:39 AM

To be patient with myself as I am with my horses, as I too am learning all the time.

1/5/2014 9:38:27 AM

Don't fall off.

1/5/2014 8:45:11 AM

To become a more knowledgable and effective rider

1/4/2014 8:42:54 PM

I plan to spend as much time as posssible with my horse! He is 24 so I want every miute to count

1/4/2014 8:40:14 PM

learn training level dressage and show at least 1 test :)

1/4/2014 5:50:59 PM

Ride trails all over the world....

1/4/2014 12:37:00 PM

Riding more, both of us could stand to loose some weight.

1/4/2014 11:26:46 AM

Softer and more forgiving hands!!

1/4/2014 9:11:29 AM

do less thinking about riding and ride more!

1/4/2014 2:25:57 AM

buy one

1/4/2014 1:21:36 AM

Go to some riding clinics

1/4/2014 12:02:40 AM

To adopt a horse from a rescue ranch.

1/3/2014 8:31:17 PM

ride more!

1/3/2014 4:01:23 PM

ride more!

1/3/2014 2:48:27 PM

Stop pulling the right rein...

1/3/2014 2:23:38 PM

Weight/fat reduction!

1/3/2014 12:50:05 PM

work past the fear and don

1/3/2014 12:39:12 PM

Continue giving plenty of hay and Ride every day.

1/3/2014 12:21:23 PM

ride more! pursue my dream, ride a reiner

1/3/2014 12:08:53 PM

ride constantly!!

1/3/2014 11:33:51 AM

Do more riding

1/3/2014 11:29:15 AM


1/3/2014 11:14:34 AM

to ride more

1/3/2014 11:00:42 AM

ride more

1/3/2014 10:44:02 AM

to be with, exercise, and ride my 10 yr old mare, help her get in better condition, and less spooky

1/3/2014 5:36:28 AM

ride more

1/3/2014 1:37:09 AM

Too do all I can to help to keep slaughter of horses from taking places anywhere in the world!!

1/2/2014 11:35:48 PM

To become a better rider.

1/2/2014 9:59:43 PM

Schedule specific time for me and my horse.

1/2/2014 9:22:20 PM

To keep my 3 older horses healthy and comfortable to the best of my ability.

1/2/2014 9:16:00 PM

To ride every day the weather permits

1/2/2014 8:18:05 PM

To ride more then I had in 2013

1/2/2014 8:02:31 PM

teach my new saddle mule to neck rein and pack--hopefully before we start our pack trips this summer

1/2/2014 7:52:33 PM


1/2/2014 6:27:50 PM

To get back in the saddle regularly, after 10yrs break due to kids.

1/2/2014 6:27:19 PM

to get my own place so I don't have to board

1/2/2014 5:38:10 PM

Lose weight for my horse :)

1/2/2014 5:13:34 PM

pray for horse people so they may also be humane to people

1/2/2014 4:48:18 PM

ride mote !!!

1/2/2014 4:46:08 PM

Working more on my Parelli "7 games".

1/2/2014 3:06:54 PM

Yes! Move my horses closer to me and they have to have pasture like they do now.

1/2/2014 2:55:40 PM

Spend more quality time with my horse.

1/2/2014 2:22:49 PM

Spend quality time riding and bonding and doing body work to improve my senior mare's quality of l

1/2/2014 11:57:01 AM

They are both lame :(

1/2/2014 11:06:32 AM

I rescued a mustang that was pregnant and abused. Going to train them for search & rescue & therapy

1/2/2014 10:35:34 AM

Ride more this year!!!

1/2/2014 10:26:45 AM

Save up to buy a horse!

1/2/2014 7:48:07 AM

Ride my burro Missy more. She loves it & the excersise does wonders for her weight issues. I rode m.

1/2/2014 1:08:09 AM

Ride more and get myself & my horse in shape :)

1/1/2014 11:45:58 PM

Start to ride again, this

1/1/2014 11:32:05 PM

i plan on making a work schedule with all 6 horses for the coming year and sticking to it!

1/1/2014 11:31:40 PM

spend quality time riding or if weather sucks brushing and hanging out.

1/1/2014 11:26:06 PM

To try to get to some more ranch horse shows this year & get my horse better broke for it

1/1/2014 9:34:49 PM

I resolve to not burden my new horse with the sadness I feel over losing my first horse.

1/1/2014 8:26:05 PM

ride more and no injuries!

1/1/2014 8:05:25 PM

To move the critter to a better stable.

1/1/2014 7:42:33 PM

To spend more time riding!

1/1/2014 7:25:59 PM

To ride my own horses more!

1/1/2014 6:10:57 PM

Work less and enjoy my horses more

1/1/2014 5:59:04 PM

Parelli Level 4 in all four savvies!

1/1/2014 5:54:07 PM

Work on improving my horsemanship.

1/1/2014 5:21:45 PM

I resolve to spend more time riding at home.

1/1/2014 5:10:08 PM

book a lesson on strider the horse simulator to assess how i can improve

1/1/2014 5:06:18 PM

Breed my mare and ride more endurance races

1/1/2014 5:02:34 PM

I have two over-weight mares that need to go on a diet and they are going to get rode more and thin

1/1/2014 4:45:47 PM

Ride More!!

1/1/2014 2:55:23 PM

I'm committed to finishing driving training for 3 minis! Life got in the way in 2013!

1/1/2014 1:04:18 PM

Improve my ground-work skills.

1/1/2014 10:24:35 AM

I don't make resolutions, I always strive to provide my horses the best care possible & ride often

1/1/2014 8:05:24 AM

Get the right saddle for my Arabian mare.

1/1/2014 7:43:07 AM

Ride more!

1/1/2014 7:31:25 AM

That more horse owners would use a 'live host' probiotic for their horse's health and performance.

1/1/2014 12:53:59 AM

Ride my horse a lot more often!

12/31/2013 11:13:32 PM

Get back to a full- time training program.

12/31/2013 9:09:09 PM

to ride more!

12/31/2013 8:48:15 PM

Get my filly down to a body condition score of 5.....she is a wee bit pudgy now

12/31/2013 8:35:38 PM

get a riding arena

12/31/2013 7:54:11 PM

Got to be more dedicated on my fat ponys diet! Hes got to lose some weight!

12/31/2013 7:11:45 PM

enroll my filly in Clinton Anderson's Signature horse program.

12/31/2013 7:02:19 PM

To continue to happily and safely trail ride even tho I'm in my mid-sixties!

12/31/2013 6:37:20 PM

To improve my horses top line

12/31/2013 6:33:29 PM

Not to gain weight for my small mare that I ride, so as not to be a burden on her back.

12/31/2013 6:19:50 PM

Buzz proof my fence! My escape artist is named Buzz.

12/31/2013 5:53:21 PM

Ride more!

12/31/2013 5:28:11 PM

to continue the horse, donkey ,mule information to those who ask about what we do w/ our equines.

12/31/2013 5:21:45 PM

Ride more ... and get a Western saddle!

12/31/2013 4:18:19 PM

ride more often

12/31/2013 2:49:56 PM

Start working with a trainer. Move barns (sooner rather than later), and ride more than once a week.

12/31/2013 2:43:19 PM

Keep all registrations, training deadlines, etc.. Up to date. Show more and spend more quality time!

12/31/2013 11:45:04 AM

Set a work time that no one can interrupt me.

12/31/2013 11:41:54 AM

Finding a way to ride more often

12/31/2013 11:35:11 AM

Work on cantering and build bombproofing obstacles on the ranch

12/31/2013 11:24:59 AM

Get my bronze medal

12/31/2013 11:09:04 AM

Try to ride more often.

12/31/2013 10:57:36 AM

Always working to be a better rider for my horses!

12/31/2013 10:47:24 AM

To lose weight for my horse

12/31/2013 9:21:23 AM

I will exercise my horse in some way every day.

12/31/2013 8:51:34 AM

keeping my 25 years old quarter horse healthy

12/31/2013 8:02:51 AM

I want to be able to ride my horse alone on trails.

12/31/2013 4:37:09 AM

2013 was a year of priorities ahead of my horse - 2014 will be the year of putting my horse first!

12/30/2013 10:12:46 PM

More stress free time in the saddle focusing on my horse.

12/30/2013 9:17:28 PM

Ride more!

12/30/2013 6:44:01 PM

As I get older I face this coming year determined to get LOTS more riding in on my young mare!

12/30/2013 6:24:39 PM

Train our Pony Sunshine (who has promise as a Trick Pony) to dance the Hokey Pokey with me.

12/30/2013 5:50:52 PM

I try to do the right thing for them on a regular basis..

12/30/2013 5:24:21 PM

find new home for Morab gelding I rescued. I cant use him and he is so nice.

12/30/2013 5:20:35 PM

To continue on my journey learning how to quiet my mind and listen to the horses

12/30/2013 5:00:57 PM

Start my almost 4 yr Egyptian arab gedling and ride my12yr rescue mammoth john mule!

12/30/2013 4:43:57 PM

More exercise for my horses and manure cleanup more often

12/30/2013 4:40:37 PM

start riding after a year long absence due to breast cancer surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

12/30/2013 4:05:25 PM

My goal is to work with my green-broke mare using Clinton Anderson's training methods

12/30/2013 3:03:17 PM

Less pressuer, more fun

12/30/2013 2:39:19 PM

I plan on riding more and really workign with my horses to be the best than can be.

12/30/2013 2:39:05 PM

my resolution this tear is to do everything in my power for my mare to turn 40 this year.

12/30/2013 2:20:15 PM

My horse is no trouble to get fit, but I'd like to get myself more fit for eventing.

12/30/2013 1:49:54 PM

I want to try to and ride my horse every day.....even if it's for only 10 minutes. Life's too short.

12/30/2013 1:22:53 PM

Spending more time training them, even if it is just a few moments. Balancing life & Horses

12/30/2013 1:13:39 PM

To get a bridle on my horse every time I go riding. She'snot really bridle broken.

12/30/2013 10:57:34 AM

to put more miles on all my horses,did not ride enough in 2013

12/30/2013 10:25:23 AM

Pay more attention to her age-related issues.

12/30/2013 9:59:15 AM

Ride More!

12/30/2013 9:47:44 AM