Shannon Pratt-Phillips, MSc, PhD

Articles by Shannon Pratt-Phillips

Are Peppermints Spoiling My Horse's Diet?

Will giving my horse peppermints offset the hard work we're doing to help her lose weight? Read More

Horse Weight Management FAQs

There's lots to consider when helping a horse gain, lose, or maintain weight. Don't worry. We're here to help. Read More

Spring Grass Safety

As benign as it might seem, this fresh forage can cause more harm than good. Here's what to remember. Read More

My Horse Keeps Eating his Himalayan Salt Block: Is He Okay?

An equine nutritionist explains how to ensure your horse gets an appropriate amount of salt. Read More

Horses' Maintenance Energy Requirements Reviewed

Is your horse consuming enough calories? Learn how to calculate your horse's maintenance energy requirements. Read More

What Nutrients Does Your Horse Need?

A horse requires specific nutrients that you must consider when developing his feeding program. Read More

Deciphering Your Feed Tag: Performance Horse Feeds

These feeds are designed to boost horses' calorie intake and meet additional nutrient needs that increase with work. Read More

Equine Weight Management: Facts and Fiction

Are you trying to help your horse gain or lose weight? Here are some facts and fallacies to consider. Read More

The Equine Digestive System

Here's what you need to know about how your horse's body digests the food he consumes. Read More

Feeding Foals

A foal's diet is critical to development, disease prevention, and more. Here's how to feed foals through weaning. Read More

Feeding Horses to Reduce Weight or Body Condition

Obesity in horses can lead to health problems. Here are tips for feeding overweight horses to promote weight loss. Read More

Young Horse Digestive Health

Understanding how your growing foal's digestive system works can help you recognize and avoid potential problems. Read More

Senior Horses and Choke Risk

Do older horses that eat senior feeds have a higher risk of choke? Read More

Deciphering Your Feed Tag, Part 3: Senior Horses

Learn what nutrients are in your senior horse's feed and why his body needs them. Read More

Feeding Horses to Increase Weight and Body Condition

Find out what you need to consider when feeding a horse to increase weight and body condition. Read More

Formulating Equine Diets

From forage to concentrates, here's what to consider when building an equine diet. Read More

Determining Horses' Body Weight and Ideal Condition

To determine your horse's nutrient needs, you need to calculate his body weight and condition. Here's how. Read More

Deciphering Your Feed Tag, Part 1: Young and Growing Horses

The information on your youngster's feed tag is designed to help you make important feeding decisions. Read More

Exercising Horses for Weight Loss

Exercise is important for equine weight management. Learn what to consider when exercising overweight horses. Read More

Exercise's Health Benefits for Horses

Exercise is extremely important to a horse's overall health, whether the animal needs to lose weight or not. Read More

Health Concerns Related to Equine Obesity

Obesity is a serious health condition, but many owners still look at a fat pony and think how cute it is. Read More

Considerations for Managing Emaciated Horses

Body condition affects a horse's health status. Learn about specific health concerns for emaciated horses. Read More

Types of Horse Feeds

Not sure what options you have for feeding your horse? Here's a guide to feeds often found in equine diets. Read More

Understanding Equine Nutrition Terminology

Nothing in equine nutrition is simple, especially terminology. Here are some key terms to understand. Read More

The Energy Content of Horse Feeds

Weight management requires an understanding of energy. As it relates to nutrition, energy refers to calories. Read More