Emergency Evacuations

In the case of an emergency such as a natural disaster, are you confident your horse would load into a strange trailer? Tell us why or why not!


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Comments & Write-in Answers

Prior exposure.

12/18/2017 9:51:35 PM

She recently loaded in a strange trailer with no problems.

12/18/2017 9:32:20 PM

No one can say for sure but I am 80% sure.

12/18/2017 6:40:48 PM

I have 9. Most would. When under stress, maybe not.

12/18/2017 6:40:42 PM

She was fire-evacuated just last week! Self loader.

12/18/2017 6:33:42 PM

They trust me!

12/18/2017 5:55:10 PM

At least my older quarter horse, when we picked her up she loaded up just fine in our trailer.

12/18/2017 5:47:07 PM

I know 2 out of the 3 would.

12/18/2017 5:05:20 PM

The ponies will do anything for a treat

12/18/2017 4:50:28 PM

I've worked a lot with my horses to have confidence in many different trailers, not just my own.

12/18/2017 11:44:49 AM

I have a strong bond with my horses and they trust me

12/18/2017 11:35:12 AM

he might not love it but i could get him in

12/18/2017 8:16:24 AM

Yes trained by equitation science so will do it well.

12/18/2017 3:46:43 AM

they are experienced travelers due to show and/or racing

12/17/2017 4:01:11 PM

only driven in familiar trailer

12/17/2017 2:30:45 PM

He loads well, but even if high stress he'd load w/just a flick of a lunging stick.

12/17/2017 1:50:46 PM

My horse is well-behaved and trusts me.

12/17/2017 11:23:30 AM

training and trust

12/17/2017 10:59:44 AM

I trailer regularly enough and use different trailers to know my horses load reliably

12/16/2017 5:35:14 PM

She is clicker trained to follow me into a trailer and to focus on me.

12/16/2017 2:35:21 PM

We practice desensitizing our horses daily, we use Clinton Anderson's Method!

12/16/2017 12:50:15 PM

Good groundwork

12/16/2017 10:40:06 AM

Oracle has a fear from trailer accedent

12/16/2017 8:22:16 AM

Thoroughbreds, racehorses or broodmares, are generally accustomed to loading in strange trailers.

12/16/2017 6:16:15 AM

The person handling her would have to know that she may need to be led into the trailer

12/16/2017 2:00:22 AM

He has done it before!

12/15/2017 8:47:54 PM

We trailer train all our animals and have evac plans in place.

12/15/2017 5:00:57 PM

He is very sound, and trusts me. He would know what to do, he's been doing it for 20 years.

12/15/2017 4:00:23 PM

If the door is open on my horse trailer, she gets on it and goes to sleep.

12/15/2017 3:29:07 PM

taught to self load. In an emergency, he may be hesitant but he will load.

12/15/2017 1:43:03 PM

All our horses are very experienced loading into various trailers

12/15/2017 1:23:53 PM

As long as I am the one loading...or there is already another horse already loaded

12/14/2017 9:09:57 PM

Yes. I use every opportunity to train for good basics.

12/14/2017 8:08:41 PM

He's been at the track and gone to many horse shows in different rigs. He's a pro.

12/14/2017 7:54:51 PM

So far my mare has been easy to load even in stressful situations.

12/14/2017 6:54:55 PM

trained to load in all manners of trailers

12/14/2017 5:33:52 PM

5 of 6 no problem. One claustrophobic mare only gets on "her" trailer

12/14/2017 2:47:56 PM

Because they trust me and if i calm them down and have them only listening to me and nothing else.

12/14/2017 12:03:11 PM

Its never been a problem in the past.

12/14/2017 9:10:56 AM

We work on loading frequently.

12/14/2017 8:46:36 AM

He’s been loaded into many trailers throughout his life.

12/14/2017 8:46:09 AM

They are both well trained and trust me.

12/14/2017 5:07:28 AM

he is difficult to load in the best of times

12/14/2017 1:04:02 AM

They're used for mounted park patrol so must load into any available trailer.They are tested on this

12/13/2017 11:36:42 PM

Parelli training and trust that humans keep them safe.

12/13/2017 11:31:11 PM

we were in one one of the N Cal Fires recently

12/13/2017 9:41:13 PM

In any type of open trailer, definitely yes for all 3 horses, two horse trailer I'm not sure.

12/13/2017 9:19:08 PM

My horse will get on any of the 5 very different kinds of trailers on our farm.

12/13/2017 9:06:20 PM

My guy walked right into a friend's trailer during a colic episode.

12/13/2017 5:11:32 PM

She ships regularly in a variety of trailers. You need to practice severl times a week at the begini

12/13/2017 4:55:34 PM

My horses haven't been in any trailer but mine and I sold it last year to pay for the steering mecha

12/13/2017 4:29:46 PM

My horses ride in a large stock, regularly shown,they have ridden several others,they love trailers

12/13/2017 4:12:05 PM

before owning, horse has had bad experience with trailer

12/13/2017 4:11:35 PM

My horses usually go where they are pointed. If rushed however, might balk.

12/13/2017 4:02:11 PM

We practice loading our horses into strange trailers, just in case of emergency.

12/13/2017 3:21:15 PM

My horses know to trust me. If I walk into a different trailer with confidence, so will they.

12/13/2017 3:16:22 PM

He is an old rodeo horse, he would load into a shoebox if need be

12/13/2017 3:11:13 PM

I haul weekly to my lesson, so we practice regularly

12/13/2017 1:51:55 PM

after 231 races and 13 years of being carted to different tracks, no problem!

12/13/2017 1:12:11 PM

Both food hounds - 1 would probably jump in the back of a pickup truck if you put a bale of hay in!

12/13/2017 1:00:25 PM

We routinely practice loading in trailers that belong to friends or trainers.

12/13/2017 12:46:21 PM

Chose yes but I have multiple horses, some would load easily & some would take some convincing

12/13/2017 12:05:57 PM

That is the first thing I make sure of! You need to love the trailer...it is your safe place!

12/13/2017 12:01:50 PM

Don't own a trailer. Practice trailer loading on any open trailer in the yard.

12/13/2017 11:48:45 AM

She has a lot of trust in my so I would hope that she'd follow me in.

12/13/2017 10:24:50 AM

He's done it before in pouring rain next to a busy highway

12/13/2017 9:15:43 AM

My horse is a easy going little guy. He would do anything for me. This has happend before.

12/13/2017 9:15:01 AM

It might take a little effort but we would get all 3 of them in.

12/13/2017 9:08:17 AM

She can be difficult to load at any time but i have many ways to get her on the trailer

12/13/2017 7:51:10 AM

Too many older, tricky horses that haven't left the property in several years

12/13/2017 3:11:10 AM

Loads in different trailers for shows

12/13/2017 1:14:21 AM

One would, one wouldn't. Never loads w/o trembling & refusing, 5 yrs +.

12/13/2017 1:12:08 AM

Two words: Monty Roberts :)

12/13/2017 12:14:32 AM

Well lit empty trailer yes, but dark with strange horses in first and my mare would need coaxing.

12/12/2017 11:18:22 PM

They have been taught to load with no issue

12/12/2017 10:05:15 PM

Because they would sense my panic - they would load if i remained calm...

12/12/2017 9:31:40 PM

He will load as long as I get in the trailer first!

12/12/2017 8:50:11 PM

All trailers are strange to him, but he loads fine anyway.

12/12/2017 8:08:42 PM

I practice this skill at trailer clinics.

12/12/2017 7:58:50 PM

I have never found a place my horse wouldn't go, even when fearful, if I ask him to

12/12/2017 7:56:07 PM

one will go fine, the other will be skeptical but loads great in mine

12/12/2017 7:44:58 PM

all 3 have loaded into ramps, step ups, straight loads and slants

12/12/2017 7:06:52 PM

He is an anxious boy in new situations.

12/12/2017 6:31:58 PM

not without stable mates

12/12/2017 6:09:33 PM

She's been desensitized to the process of trailering-- and our mare has a sense of adventure!

12/12/2017 5:46:41 PM

cos hes a good loader

12/12/2017 5:03:42 PM

They love going places and stride right in any trailer.

12/12/2017 5:00:18 PM

No experience, any of us..

12/12/2017 4:48:27 PM

My ponies will go anywhere I go first no problem.

12/12/2017 4:43:58 PM

All my horses and mules have regularly traveled in different trailers.

12/12/2017 4:41:29 PM

Each of my friends have different trailers which gets my horses get used to

12/12/2017 4:30:01 PM

All but one and that one would load with a "Be Nice" halter or will follow herdmates if scared

12/12/2017 4:25:33 PM

She is an older and clam horse, and has been in many trailers.

12/12/2017 4:21:03 PM

Loads anywhere, anytime

12/12/2017 4:09:12 PM

My OTTB gelding has never had an issue loading into any trailer type.

12/12/2017 2:13:51 PM

She's an OTTB with lots of trailer history, just walks right on every trailer she's met!

12/12/2017 1:49:05 PM