Dental Check-Up

How often do you have your horse's teeth examined by your veterinarian?

Once a year
More frequently than once a year
Less than once a year

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Comments & Write-in Answers

I have a senior horse, so he is checked twice a year, spring and fall.

5/26/2013 4:44:19 PM

$150-300/horse here small guy can't compete in anything in this economy horse's teeth lose out too!

5/26/2013 3:54:22 PM

also if they are having any problems

5/26/2013 2:53:15 PM

The qualified equine dentist, ' Ron Davis' in Australia, is better than any vet!

5/26/2013 1:36:19 AM

I do have one horse that requires dental work every 6 months due to a jaw injury

5/25/2013 7:18:26 AM

teeth are checked during spring and fall vaccinations

5/25/2013 2:32:40 AM

Whenever the vet says they need done. Do get them checked every year!

5/24/2013 1:07:25 PM

We use an equine dentist once a year, unless needed more often.

5/24/2013 9:51:40 AM

once a year by the dentist,i have a 15.3 id x tb 10 this year who gets very sharp edges

5/24/2013 9:43:57 AM

It all depends on their age. Young and older ones often. Middle age less often.

5/24/2013 1:13:25 AM

Dental checks are part of twice yearly physicals

5/24/2013 12:11:44 AM

Sharp teeth affect a horses comfort and ability to carry the bit.

5/23/2013 9:19:25 PM

I have a wonderful dentist whom I was referred to by my vet

5/23/2013 7:08:20 PM

Broken/infected teeth in my older horses make a big difference in their nutritional status.

5/23/2013 5:45:08 PM

Good dentists can make enormous differences to horse health and behaviour

5/23/2013 5:08:16 PM

Never because not by a vet but a equine dental tech that works w/ vets. Not what you want to hear.

5/23/2013 4:47:04 PM

My 21 year-old needs to be checked more frequently

5/23/2013 4:35:05 PM

I do the younger ones twice a year

5/23/2013 4:08:05 PM

More frequently depending on the horse.

5/23/2013 1:47:53 PM

once a year on all but my 30 yr old, then he gets it every 6 mos

5/23/2013 12:01:00 PM

I have a 6 year old horse. My previous horse was older, thus his teeth were examined 2X per year.

5/23/2013 11:58:25 AM

Depending on recommendation by my equine dentist, every 6 or 12 months.

5/23/2013 9:27:14 AM

The younger ones typically need once a year checks, while the old ones need 2 or more

5/23/2013 8:49:53 AM

My dentist checks around twice a year.

5/23/2013 8:38:28 AM

twice per year they are checked ,and NO ...to the natural floating !! It is all DVM care

5/23/2013 7:59:10 AM

Once every 6 months by specialist equine dentist

5/23/2013 6:30:44 AM

By and Equine Dental Technician. EDT's are more qualified regarding teeth as a speciality than a vet

5/23/2013 5:22:24 AM

and if I think that my Icelandic (now 31 years old) has a problem

5/23/2013 2:40:10 AM

every spring and fall when vet comes to do vaccinations

5/23/2013 1:24:58 AM

Dentistry is done Least once a year! Seniors, 6 months

5/22/2013 9:40:43 PM

My horse is 35 years old. She has what teeth she has left checked every 6 months.

5/22/2013 9:19:13 PM


5/22/2013 8:43:26 PM

Only by fully educated dentist who does NOT use power tools.

5/22/2013 7:25:34 PM

and use a vary good equine dentist 2x year

5/22/2013 7:06:25 PM

dependant on age if young needs to be every 6 months

5/22/2013 6:40:36 PM

only when I can't correct the problem myself

5/22/2013 6:25:17 PM

EDT not vet

5/22/2013 5:57:37 PM

annual check; more frequent if problems or young or very old

5/22/2013 5:47:26 PM

I don't use a vet. I use an equine dentist.

5/22/2013 5:45:10 PM

My Vet doesn't do my horses teeth, I have a qualified Equine Dentist.

5/22/2013 5:35:31 PM

Depends on what his mouth looks like.

5/22/2013 5:30:09 PM

never use a vet. always use and equine dentist.

5/22/2013 5:27:05 PM

Watch eating habits and abilities, and have teeth checked as needed

5/22/2013 4:02:52 PM

My horse is 21 yrs old...

5/22/2013 2:09:28 PM

I have a horse dentist check their teeth yearly.

5/22/2013 2:06:39 PM

I use a qualified equine dentist, not a vet.

5/22/2013 2:05:46 PM

Examined when they have spring vaccines. Only float when sharp, which isn't every year

5/22/2013 1:59:50 PM

I use a horse dentician not a vet

5/22/2013 1:55:59 PM

2 times a year

5/22/2013 12:07:29 PM

or more often depending on the horse & situatuin

5/22/2013 11:24:56 AM

Spring and fall

5/22/2013 11:11:54 AM

The veteranarian checks each time my horse goes in for shots or a pysical

5/22/2013 11:06:45 AM

I'm very fortunate, my horse has excellent teeth.

5/22/2013 10:55:18 AM

The extreme cost ort

5/22/2013 10:48:51 AM

I use a certified Equine Dentist and he comes to the barn annually.

5/22/2013 9:55:34 AM

But I have one horse who will now be getting checked at least twice a year.

5/22/2013 8:58:18 AM

About every six months as she is a senior doing dressage.

5/22/2013 8:56:29 AM

Defers with age of horse

5/22/2013 8:40:11 AM

whatever my vet recommends; with my older (25 and 34) ones, it's usually 6 mo.

5/22/2013 8:30:14 AM

teeth are checked yearly but i don't use the vet for teeth, use an equine dentist

5/22/2013 7:52:18 AM

I use a lay dentist who does a better job than my vet.

5/22/2013 7:47:10 AM

Use an Equine Dentist, rather than a vet.

5/22/2013 7:19:10 AM

Never by my vet; twice yearly by my equine dental tech.

5/22/2013 7:12:22 AM

I have to get my horses teeth floated every eight months. He has been on this routine since he was 2

5/22/2013 6:43:18 AM

I would have them in between scheduled visits if there were any signs it was needed.

5/22/2013 6:17:01 AM

use a quallified horse dentist every 6 months

5/22/2013 5:46:07 AM

Usually every 6 months

5/22/2013 4:16:46 AM

My best horse has a bad tooth that we are trying to save-vet checks him every couple of months.

5/22/2013 12:45:11 AM

Every six months checked. Floated when needed

5/22/2013 12:18:50 AM

Spring and fall and, more often if an issue possibly related to the mouth, appears

5/22/2013 12:11:12 AM

horse dentist will check and float our horses as needed 1+ times a year

5/21/2013 11:48:55 PM

Equine dentist not vet

5/21/2013 11:33:02 PM

Annually, unless the vet recommends more frequent checks.

5/21/2013 11:17:17 PM

It's my experience that a good equine dentist will do a better job than most vets.

5/21/2013 10:28:15 PM

At least once per year. More often if symptoms appear.

5/21/2013 9:08:15 PM

Examined twice per year, but floated once, unless otherwise needed. So far, not needed.

5/21/2013 8:37:53 PM

I have an equine dentist every 1-1/2 yrs, his recommendation of the timeframe.

5/21/2013 7:55:51 PM

My farrier is also an equine dentist, so I use him

5/21/2013 7:54:07 PM

I am a veterinarian and am forver messing about in my own horses mouths and various other parts

5/21/2013 7:46:09 PM

every other year unless a problem crops up

5/21/2013 7:30:45 PM

Well not by a vet...but a equine dentist.

5/21/2013 7:27:11 PM

twice/yr at examinations

5/21/2013 7:25:40 PM

My horse is examined/treated by an equine dentist once a year!

5/21/2013 7:24:55 PM

more often if the horse exhibits an eating issue

5/21/2013 7:18:30 PM

Yearly, more often if needed as indicated by my vet

5/21/2013 7:16:53 PM

Annually, morre often for horses with special dental issues ie: parrotmouth etc.

5/21/2013 7:15:28 PM

Vet missed problems so I use non-vet equine dentist

5/21/2013 7:14:44 PM

My 8 y/o Shire mare requires a bit of care every 6 months to prevent discomfort/eye discharge.

5/21/2013 6:50:16 PM

Teeth floated by Equine Dentist. If issue unable to be resolved by dentist, vet then called in.

5/21/2013 6:49:48 PM

Our vet said we could go to an every 18 month schedule.

5/21/2013 6:49:44 PM

Once a year is fine for 7 yr old but 21 yr old has issues requiring every 6 months check

5/21/2013 6:30:04 PM

Every 8 to 10 months.

5/21/2013 6:26:22 PM

Once every two years and dependent on age of the horse.

5/21/2013 6:19:42 PM

look in horses mouth and check for sharp edges,scars, bumps .Know what normal is.

5/21/2013 6:16:19 PM

except in my very senior horse, 3 to 4 times per year

5/21/2013 6:09:14 PM

I wouldn't have my doctor examine my teeth, so why would I have a vet exam my horses teeth?

5/21/2013 5:58:42 PM

Annual floating and reset of bit seat.

5/21/2013 5:56:33 PM

2x year

5/21/2013 5:54:35 PM

more frequently for the senior(35 years old)once for the younger than 20 set

5/21/2013 5:42:20 PM

I have found that an Equine Dentist is better to use than a veterinarian that doesoftennot do mouths

5/21/2013 5:38:53 PM

don't use vet, use equine dental technitian

5/21/2013 5:30:24 PM

Dentist checks them out twice a year

5/21/2013 5:12:14 PM

We use an equine dentist who is associated with our vet.

5/21/2013 4:56:57 PM

spring and fall

5/21/2013 4:53:13 PM

twice a year

5/21/2013 4:50:04 PM

Usually only when we see a need i.e. horses dropping feed, resisting bit, etc.

5/21/2013 4:41:16 PM

Examined twice a year, floated once a year unless a problem would arise.

5/21/2013 4:34:44 PM

I have a 21 yo TB with tooth wear issues.

5/21/2013 4:22:26 PM

I don't trust my vet only a trained dentist.

5/21/2013 4:00:16 PM

I use an Equine Dentist

5/21/2013 2:25:25 PM

should have this performed more often

5/21/2013 12:17:34 PM

Only noticed horses will be checked

5/21/2013 11:47:10 AM

Would like to say once a year, but it's expensive

5/21/2013 10:39:57 AM

How offten should their teeth be examined?

5/21/2013 10:35:34 AM

Once a year, or at vet's discretion.

5/21/2013 8:47:01 AM