University of Florida VETS Team Gets Support from USRider

USRider's Leg-Up Fund has contributed to the University of Florida's (UF) College of Veterinary Medicine to support their large-animal rescue initiatives. USRider's latest donation is being used toward a rope and webbing testing project being undertaken by UF's College of Veterinary Medicine disaster response team, better known as "VETS."

The VETS team is a core component of the statewide animal and agriculture disaster response team, SART (State Agricultural Response Team). The team is composed of college staff and faculty with an interest in disaster response. Across the state of Florida, the team trains veterinary students, practitioners in the state reserve corps, other SART partner agencies, mounted police units, and local fire departments in large-animal technical rescue. Funding for team equipment and training has primarily been provided by donations and grants.

"The VETS team is most appreciative of USRider's most recent support of the team's projects by its Leg-Up Fund," said John Haven, UF veterinary college administrator. "Through our rope and webbing testing project, we will develop a comprehensive body of knowledge to assist responders in more safely rescuing horses and other livestock."

"Since Florida is prone to an array of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, floods, and wildfires, we are extremely pleased to support the research aspect of UF's mission to explore improved rescue techniques," said Bill Riss, USRider general manager.

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