Rutgers and NJAES Release Farm Management Videos

The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES), Rutgers Equine Science Center, and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, with support from North Carolina State University, have released a series of farm management videos via the NJAES YouTube channel. The videos are also linked on the multimedia page of the Equine Science Center's website.

Six videos, each less than nine minutes long, were produced as an educational resource for livestock farmers, policy makers, and others actively involved in agricultural regulation. The videos demonstrate best practices and provide expert guidance to help farmers with several areas of farm management. The video topics include:

  • Animal Waste Management on Small Livestock Farms;
  • Manure Spreader Calibration;
  • Soil Testing - A Must for Proper Pasture Management;
  • Evaluating Your Pasture on Small Livestock Farms;
  • Nutrient Management on Small Farms; and
  • Utilizing Centralized Composting Facilities.

"With the help of several county agents and farmers, we were able to produce informative, educational videos that highlight the importance of the recently mandated Animal Waste Management rule," explained Michael Westendorf, extension specialist in animal sciences. "The videos provide practical steps and tools that can be implemented on small to mid-sized livestock farms.

"A secondary goal is to expose people to the wealth of information and resources available through the Agricultural Experiment Station as well as several affiliated organizations including the Equine Science Center and the New Jersey J Department of Agriculture."

For additional information about the video series, please e-mail Michael Westendorf at or call 732/932-9408.

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