Unwanted Horses Gain New Supporter

The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) announced their newest member, Intervet Schering Plough Animal Health (ISPAH), one of the country's largest animal health companies.

ISPAH is a global leader in research, development, manufacturing, and sales of veterinary medicines and offers a broad range choice of vaccines and disease control methods for equines, farm animals (including ruminants, pigs, and poultry), and companion animals. Along with the American Association of Equine Practitioners, ISPAH helped to create the Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign, a non-profit program that donates vaccines to qualifying equine rescue and retirement facilities. As a sponsor of the American Horse Council for two years, ISPAH has aided the organization in various important projects, most recently the widely used brochure Rehabilitating the Neglected Horse: A Caregiver's Guide.

"As a leading animal health care company, ISPAH recognizes the need to partner with organizations like the UHC so that we can continue to bring solutions for the health and welfare of the horse," said Brett Whitehead, Director Equine & Retail Business of ISPAH.

The Unwanted Horse Coalition is a broad alliance of equine organizations that have joined together under the umbrella of the American Horse Council. The Coalition's mission is to reduce the number of unwanted horses and to improve their welfare through education and the efforts of organizations committed to the health, safety, and responsible care and disposition of these horses. 

Additional information about the Unwanted Horse Coalition is available by logging on unwantedhorsecoalition.org or by calling 202/296-4031.

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