Equine Reproduction Course Offered for Ontario Horse Owners

A two-day equine Reproduction course, designed for anyone interested in learning about artificial insemination (AI) techniques for horses, will be offered Nov. 7-8, 2009, in Clinton, Ontario, at the Regional Equine & Agricultural Centre of Huron (REACH).

“Now is the time owners should be thinking about getting their mares ready for next breeding season” said Doug Nash, workshop instructor. “What to do, from nutrition to lighting regimes, will be discussed.”

This two-day course is for those who wish to learn how to prepare mares for breeding, select a stallion, and perform proper AI techniques. Hands-on experience using the REACH stallion and mares is provided in a safe, quiet, supervised environment. In addition to learning about equine reproductive anatomy, nutrition, health management, and environment of the mare in preparation for breeding will be investigated. The stages of gestation, right up to and beyond foaling are discussed. This course is designed for anyone wishing to use artificial insemination in their breeding program now or in the future, and those wishing to update their knowledge and practical skills in breeding practices.

The facilities at REACH include a complete reproduction teaching lab, heated teaching barn, high-tech classrooms, dorm rooms, and a community kitchen. For further information about the course or REACH, please visit ReachHuron.ca.

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