Oregon Rider Injured when Bees Swarm Horse

An Oregon woman was injured when bees swarmed her horse as she was riding on the Pacific Crest Trail, The Seattle Times reported.

Donna Tewksbury was riding with four friends when the bees swarmed, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said. Her horse went to the ground, and she was stepped on when it tried to stand. She was airlifted to a Portland hospital.

Detective Jim Strovink told The Associated Press Tewksbury's condition was reported to be stable, and the horse was not injured.

Steve Thoenes, PhD, a Tucson-based entomologist, told The Horse that horses are, "very attractive and vulnerable targets. Horses should never be stabled or corralled near honeybee colonies."

He said most horse deaths caused by honeybees can be attributed to suffocation.

"When a horse is subjected to multiple bee stings around, and in, the nose, the area swells and cuts off a horse's breathing," he explained.

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