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Horse Anatomy and Physiology Series

Want to know how your horse's body works? Find out in <I>The Horse's</i> 12-part Anatomy and Physiology series!

Special Report

Reproductive Anatomy: Basics of Life

A handy guide to the male and female reproductive tracts in horses.

Special Report

Tendons and Ligaments

We will concentrate on the tendons and ligaments in the limbs, especially the often-injured forelimbs.

Special Report

Anatomy -- The Head and Neck

No matter the conformation of your chosen breed, the heads and necks of horses serve many purposes.

Special Report

The Equine Digestive System: Food Factory

Understanding the equine digestive system can make your horse healthier and give you fewer worries.

Special Report

Body Builders: Muscles

Part of the equine anatomy series, see how equine muscles function and are nourished as well as some problems.

Special Report

The Equine Back

A look at the equine back: structure, proper conformation, and some of the problems that can afflict it.

Special Report

The Equine Foot

The structures of the horse's foot inside and out is discussed in this report.

Special Report

The Horse's Hind Legs: The Perfect Engine

Good conformation of the horse's hind legs will contribute to more successful performance and a better ride.

Special Report

Joints: It All Hinges on This

Proper movement of the horse is dependent on proper functioning of his joints.

Special Report

Anatomy and Physiology

Basic terminology of equine anatomy and physiology and comparison of horses and humans.

Special Report

The Foreleg of the Horse: On The Forehand

Most of a horse’s weight is carried on its forelimbs. Good conformation will help ensure long-term soundness.

Special Report

Circulatory and Respiratory Systems: Of Blood and Breath

The horse's circulatory and respiratory systems constitute its engine.

Special Report

Anatomy and Physiology: Complete Series

A complete guide to the anatomy and physiology of the horse, with illustrations and practical applications.

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