BLM Corrals Reopen after Salmonella Outbreak

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has reopened its wild horse center in Palomino Valley, Nev., seven weeks after it was shutdown because of a salmonella outbreak.

The outbreak occurred after 983 horses from the Jackson Mountains were brought to the facility. Officials said 178 horses died or were euthanatized. The facility north of Reno closed Sept. 26. (For more information on this see    

The 1,250 wild horses at the center soon will be joined by others for the first time since the closure.

About 230 horses collected from across the BLM's Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, and Carson City districts are scheduled to be brought there on Thursday.

New arrivals will be held in pens separate from the horses exposed to Salmonella, Neill said.

The outbreak in September occurred after the horses--dehydrated and grazing on the range--had trouble adjusting to a new diet, which made them susceptible to the bacteria, BLM officials said.

The 160 acres of corrals are a national holding center for up to 1,650 horses rounded up from public rangeland and held until they're shipped out for the BLM wild horse adoption program.

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