Computerizing the Hoof

September 12, 2001

"The biggest problem as I see it," quips Wendy Wergeles, 20-year trainer and event rider of Cottonwood Farm, Los Alamos, Calif., "is that horse owners and even novice competitors understand very little about their horses' feet. They hire a... Read More


Communicating With Your Vet

January 01, 1999

The ability to communicate well is probably one of the most important skills for success you can develop no matter what you do for a living. It seems, at least in my life, that when something goes wrong (or not as well as I had planned), it... Read More


New ID Program Possible For Thoroughbreds In UK

September 18, 1998

Peter Webbon, Chief Veterinary Advisor to the English Jockey Club, confirmed that his organization is looking into using microchip identification of all Thoroughbreds in the near future. The committee charged with improving... Read More


New International Colored Sporthorse Registry

April 03, 1998

International Sport Horses of Color, “SHOC,” is a new equine color by design registry, registering sport horses of all breeds and colors, including, spotted and solid colors such as Pinto, Palomino, Cremello, Buckskin, Bay,... Read More